Fire At Vaccine Factory (Jan) Let Us Know The Facts!

Fire At Vaccine Factory 2021

Fire At Vaccine Factory (Jan) Let Us Know The Facts! >> This article will share the details related to exact harm and injuries in the incident of fire which is one of the trending news.

Today if you type on the internet – Fire at Vaccine Factory, you will only get articles about the fire which recently broke out at the Serum Institute of India (SII). We are here to give you all the essential information which you need to know regarding the same. 

This factory is situated in Pune, near Hadapsar city. The fire broke out at their manufacturing plant, in Manjri on Thursday, 21st January 2021. 

SII is one of the major producers of vaccines in the world. The vaccines which are produced by them are circulated worldwide

Adar Poonawalla is the owner and CEO of the Serum Institute of India. 

Our article – Fire at Vaccine Factory, will give you in-depth information about the SII and the fire that recently broke out there. 

About Serum Institute of India:

It is the world’s largest manufacturer of vaccines based on the number of doses that are produced and sold globally by them. Some of the vaccines produced by them are the Polio vaccine, Tetanus vaccine, Rubella vaccines, and many more. 

They are also the number one biotechnology company in India. The company was founded in the year 1966. All the vaccines manufactured by them are accredited by the WHO (World Health Organization).

Let’s know more about – Fire at Vaccine Factory, the fire which broke out at the Serum Institute of India on Thursday – 21st January 2021.  

Recently the SII had started manufacturing the Covid-19 vaccine. Officials have informed that there has been no harm done to the Covid-19 vaccine due to the fire. The production of the vaccine will continue as before. 

Rotavirus vaccine manufacturing unit caught fire. The CEO of SII – Adar Poonawalla said that there would be some loss in the Rotavirus vaccine supply worldwide due to the fire.

People all over the world are disturbed because of the pandemic, caused by the Corona Virus. Various vaccines are being produced all around the globe for the same. The SII is one such institute producing several Covid-19 vaccines, to be distributed in India and worldwide

The incident caused lots of destruction and gave a huge impact. Fire at Vaccine Factory is the trending news on the internet, many videos and photos are also going viral.

Hence, when the fire’s news broke out, everyone was scared for the Covid-19 vaccine production unit. Fortunately, nothing happened to the Covid-19 vaccine unit. 

Number of Deaths: The exact cause for the fire is not known. Earlier the officials had said that the fire caused no death casualty. But later on, they found around 05 dead bodies at the fire accident site. 


The fire did not cause any harm to the Covid-19 vaccine manufacturing unit. Unfortunately, it did cause harm to the Rotavirus vaccine production unit. 

Many more things about this incident are still in dark. If you have anything to say about this Fire at Vaccine Factory, than feel free to share with us in the comment section below.

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