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Fireworks Astd {July 2021} Checkout Useful Information!

Fireworks Astd {July 2021} Checkout Useful Information! >> Read this article to know about the latest events and prizes in online games that will make your inventory collection more worthy.

Do you enjoy playing a game to defend a tower? In the Roblox game, to protect your tower, are you ready to fight the enemy squad? Do you look forward to new events in the games? Did you come to know about the Fireworks Astd update in All-Star Tower Defence (ASTD)? It is becoming popular in the Philippines, Canada, the United Statesand the United Kingdom

Before playing ASTD  (All-Star Tower Defense) , do you want to read a review about the latest events? Then, we bring you the details about the latest events. So let’s scrutinize the event update.

What is ASTD?

All-Star Tower Defense is a casual game to defend your tower. It is available on the Roblox platform. Roblox is a platform where developers create characters, accessories of the game, and 3D games. Know more about the Fireworks Astd below.

In All-Star Tower Defense, to reach max upgrade for a character, you aim at upgrading to as many levels as possible. However, every character of the game has limited AoE for attacking the enemy squad. Therefore, you need to earn gems and money to upgrade the abilities of your avatar. 

About Fireworks in the game:

  • There is a new event launched on July 25th, 2021. The name of the event is SummerFest.
  • There are two major highlights of this event. Read about Fireworks Astd below.
  • It would be best if you bought fireworks to get full benefits.
  • Firstly, you get random characters by using fireworks. 
  • Secondly, as a special reward, you may get a water goddess as a random character. 
  • The number of water goddesses is limited to 5000 only. 
  • As of writing, several gamers had already won more than 3000 water goddesses.
  • There is various other information you should know about fireworks like its buying details which is mentioned below.

Buying the Fireworks Astd:

  • There is a travelling merchant that will appear in random intervals of every hour.
  • It would help if you were near the lobby, which appears emitting light blue colour.
  • Travelling merchant will sit on the bench near the lobby.
  • Once you go near him, you can purchase fireworks for 2000 gems
  • Firework, once purchased, will appear in your inventory
  • Once you launch fireworks in the sky, they explode with sound, emitting yellow and golden lights.
  • Once a firework is used, you get a random character as a reward, including a water goddess.


As per Fireworks Astd, the Fireworks gets swapped with a random character. You can evolve and upgrade such characters. Launching fireworks is a great way to have fun, and if you are lucky, you may get water goddess. But, we advise you to spend gems wisely. In the game, Fireworks will cost 2000 gems which is expensive. So, you need to buy lots of fireworks to increase your chances of getting water goddess.  

You can also check more information about Roblox by clicking here.

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