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Fitswatch Reviews (Jun 2021) Is the Deal Worth it?


Fitswatch Reviews (Jun 2021) Is the Deal Worth it? >> This article will give you an insight into the legitimacy of a website selling smartwatches.

Are you dependent on technologies as well? Indeed, technology is changing the ways people work. The Fitswatch Scam is giving new chills to the people, and thus we are here to let our readers know about it. 

There are plenty of smartwatches in the United Kingdom market that is expensive and is showcased through attractive ads. The features possessed by these watches are going to reveal here. Additionally, this watch has proved its fantastic performance and is durable enough. Moreover, the company provides a money-back guarantee, which demonstrates how confident they are about their product.

Let us now see what this watch has to offer.

What Is Fitswatch?

The Fitswatch Scam valued what this website and product were and explained that it is a smartwatch available in the United Kingdom. It has various features like measuring the oxygen level in blood, heartbeat, and weight within few seconds. This could be useful during these covid times, as the readings mentioned above are essential. 

Apart from this, there is no primary description of this watch on their website. They are yet to launch their product in the market.

Other features are as follows:

  • GPS technology.
  • Metallic powder, TPU, and polycarbonate are part of the material used in the watch.
  • Water-resistant.
  • The language used in the watch has six variations
  • Energy-saving mode and automatic brightness adjustment available.
  • The “point of contact (clip)” charger type.
  • Approximately 29mg of weight.

Specification of Fitswatch

  • Product: Fitswatch, a smartwatch
  • Social Media Platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest
  • Address: United Kingdom

How does Fitswatch work?

The maximum and minimum biometric innovation are highlighted in the watch. It results in delivering appropriate estimations without a deferral. One needs to connect it with their phone, and it starts giving significant results. After this, the user needs to tap on the screen, and the watch wakes up. It is also possible to change the theme as per the user’s wish. 

The Fitswatch Scam report says that these features are present in the watch but are uncertain.

Pros of Fitswatch

  • The watch has a smartphone notification facility.
  • It can keep track of health and heart.
  • It can keep track of sleep too.
  • It is easy to use and is compatible with both Android and iOS.

Cons of Fitswatch

  • The website is not well developed.
  • They have not provided any contact information.
  • The Fitswatch Reviews received for the product seem fake. 

What are people saying about Fitswatch? is a newly registered website whose domain was purchased recently. The reliability ends with this statement. However, the site is risk-free as it is using an appropriate URL. The HTTPS connection and seems safe for personal information shared by the visitors. 

Furthermore, they are newly registered. Therefore, they are facing low traffic on their page. Besides these points, below are the key points that the customers faced after purchasing it.

  • The ECG function did not work for a customer in their watch for which they mainly purchased it.
  • The readings, like oxygen level, heart rate bpm, etc., were not accurate.
  • There is a connectivity issue in the watch when paired with the iPhone. It disconnects automatically.
  • Even if the watch is not in use, the battery discharges within 5 hours only.
  • It takes more than 2 minutes to reveal the readings; that too inaccurate.

After reading such reviews, it is clear that the watch is not reliable and non-durable. 


The Fitswatch Reviews reveal that looks like a sketchy site, and their people in large numbers would certainly speculate the genuineness of the reviews and if it is a trustworthy website.

As an aspect, their web pages are hidden and cannot be searched through search engines. This results in the counterfeit website suspect. Furthermore, their landing page itself says nothing about them and seems deceptive. However, we do not trust this website and would not recommend it to our readers as well. However, we have provided enough information above for anyone to make a wise decision. 

In case you find a secret page on their website, kindly share the URL link in the comments below. Also, please share your feedback about Fitswatch Reviews here with others by posting your words below. Our readers and we would like to know if you managed to identify and escape the fraud or were you trapped in it in the first attempt. 


  1. The cons you showed here are correct. I have tried to call them but, when it tells you that call traffic is high and someone will be with you shortly, after saying that 3 times you get disconnected. I then emailed them as it said you would get a response in 2 hours, I did not. I have emailed them twice and still no response. It is definitely a scam. still trying to find some way of getting in touch. I will be reporting them.

  2. Yes this report has made me decide not to purchase this watch. I have an Apple Watch and was going to buy this for my son but will not go ahead with this now. Thank you,

    1. I order one from advertising, + guarantee …they charged 3 and the ending bill + shipping. The money has taken right away , when I check from bank in taken from International. I check the reviews and try to cancel my order and ask for refund . After 3 emails they stop contacting me and I want to reporting this company is a scam definitely.

  3. I bought one of these watches and wasn’t impressed by the watch strap which is not long enough to fit an average mans wrist
    The pop on device makes it difficult to pop it on
    The watch doesn’t always display anything
    There is no means of accessing the ECG app, with having Atrial Firibulation, was one of the reasons I bought the watch
    And with the constant adverts blocking pages becomes a pain in a heart beat, in the app
    I’m returning mine if i can

  4. Bought one of the Fits watches 2for &$35 each. First bit of water splashed on it and it stopped working. No response from phone or email contact so what’s next Fair Trading ???. People like this should be removed from our internet.

  5. They should be more transparent in their advertising that this watch is manufactured and distributed by the Chinese communist party!! Nothing more than a data collection device…..I am returning it immediately…

      1. You are correct I’ve got one constantly trying to attach to my Bluetooth on iPhone I think I’m being watched by some saudis all around me it’s a data spy watch is all it is so dump it your being watched which I doubt but your data is being collected me I’ve had a problem with river Bigo app and I’m causing them a problem that’s why I believe it’s hacked into my phone good luck

  6. Would agree web site misleading. 24/7 live chat non existant. I cancelled order within 24 hrs and was assured refund processed as watchs had not left the outlet. They proceeded to post the items and I still have no refund and they will do anything to avoid answering questions or look at the full audit trail to ascertain the problem. Stay clear

  7. Bought this watch big mistake,
    1,battery life??, lasted less than 5 hours.
    2,advert says its waterproof paperwork in box says its not??.
    3, I think its a waste of money.

  8. Purchased two of them and waited over five weeks to be delivered
    My husband and I had the same heart rate and blood pressure which we thought very odd
    I wore mine for about three hours and the silver coloured clasp on the band broke
    You would be better off purchasing the same watch at a place that could give you a refund or better customer service
    I am unable to return the watch because it is now considered damaged

  9. I purchased a Fitswath mainly to monitor my blood pressure. Since wearing this smart watch I have found the following issues. Heart rate is not accurate. Checking my own heart rate resting 58 BPM the watch recorded 71 BPM. I am assuming it records real time. Blood pressure . Taking my own blood pressure upper arm 134/63. The recording from Fitswatch 94/67. Clearly something is not correct. Unless user error on my behalf. I will continue to use it, but looks like it is no use to me.

    1. I ordered one Fistswatch on the 9th of Feb and was offered a second watch for $29.00
      Four hours after placing the order I found negative comments and tried to cancel.
      They advised it was too late as the order was in transit. Ten emails later and the tracking number shows it is not in transit, so it is definitely a scam.

  10. Have ordered one cost near £50 with postage. Haven’t had confirmation or delivery times yet after 3 days. Horrible feeling might be a scam

  11. This company is a scam. They promise refunds to disgruntled and dissatisfied customers. I ordered one and was charged for three and cannot get any satisfaction with a refund. Why do I have to mail the three unwanted watches to Lithuania when they we delivered from Chullora in NSW ? I will continue to call out this scam until I get some satisfaction.

    1. It’s a scam!! I’m in California USA and this damn thing is in my iPhone I can’t shake it I never knew of it till I googled it and saw this forum I’m letting you know I have a problem with the saudis and they are all around me I believe they are spying on me if it is Chinese this makes sense they are linked to these dating sites that are scams. Burn it,crush it anything but lose it!!! Good luck

  12. I was about to purchase 3 Fitswatches for me and a couple of friends but the deal was too good to be true so I started searching for reviews and thank God I found your site.

    I would like to thank you for exposing this scam.

    Yours sincerely


  13. Fitswatch has soooooooooooo much publicity. AND it is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cheap. There MUST be something FISHY about it!!!

  14. Sirs,
    This offer is a great is con!!
    I bought one and it is inaccurate, I am in the process of trying to get a refund. There has been no reply to my (5) emails and the phone number is just a recorded message somewhere in Latvia. I came across another ad. with an address in Fort Lee N.J. America, I rang the number and the receptionist more or less said “not another one” and informed me that fitswatch is not based there and never has been.
    BE WARNED!!!

  15. Just happen to stumble onto your website when I was searching for reviews on this watch. Thank you for the pros and cons. Have bought too many watches expecting results and disappointed that the language is not in English for measurements, updates, etc. i choose not to waste my money again because of your review and research. Appreciate the info. The false advertisement is saying made in USA. Obviously its a drop off location for sales. Disappointed Thank you again

  16. Another one to stay clear of is Koretrak, they are rubbish as well, got my money back though, but not postage costs, got a Garmin now worth the extra!

  17. Well many thanks for the information that I have just read in your space
    I like others thought it was a good deal until I read the reviews, How can a company be so blatant and tell outright lies about a product
    You have saved me a lot of heartache and I am forever grateful

  18. Not what advertised, doesn’t work, cant download app, looks good as cosmetic jewellery.

  19. Thankyou, ii was tempted to buy this but checked your site first to see what you thought about it. I won’t bother now.

  20. Fitswatch is a total international scam. One the site which I foolishly did business they claim to be in America and their magic watch will do everything but wash your windows. Beware. No customer support, phone number doesn’t work and email bounces back. I have filed a complaint with the FCC in America and with my credit card company. I knew I was in for a scam when my credit card immediately informed me that an international charge had been placed on my card. When I tried to call and cancel I got no response to the phone number and, as I said, their email bounced back. I don’t understand why FB, Twitter and Instagram continue to run their ads unless they are in bed with the scammers.

  21. I bought a pack of three I opened two and the bluetooth on both does not work, cannot be bothered to open the third. Stick with Apple.
    What a con.

    1. Hello Dennis Petre, we appreciate for your efforts and making us aware of the actual buying experience. Trust me, your words will be benefitted to many. Whosoever is willing to buy from here, must think and read the blog and live experiences of the genuine buyers. There is amazing power in the customer reviews. We hope that you are safe and now realized from where to buy or not. Stay Safe.

  22. I wish I had found your site before ordering 3. They took forever to arrive. By the time my grandchildren connected one to my iPhone, more than 30 days had passed and I could not get a refund. BP readings, when I could access the setting on the watch, were totally inaccurate. I gave one to a senior friend, big mistake; her family couldn’t get it set up to work with her phone either. Totally useless. Only opened 2 of the 3 purchased. Both, mine and my friend’s are garbage, total waste of my dollars. Definitely not a watch for 80 year old seniors who need to keep an eye on their blood pressure, are not tech-savvy nor have their phone constantly with them. Buyer beware!

    1. Hello Allice! We are grateful for your efforts and for making us aware of the actual buying experience. Your words would be beneficial for many. Thank you! Stay Happy & Blessed always!

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