Flexbooker Scam (Jan 2022) Learn All Aspects Here!

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The guide shares details and reviews of consumers to help you know if Flexbooker Scam or legit.

Keep booking appointments and driving your business with Flexbooker, the online platform to accept bookings and schedule appointments. It is the robust and technologically advanced tool that helps transform and flourish your business. 

Since it is a cloud-based appointment scheduling tool, it helps professionals manage multiple classes, appointments, service deliveries, and more. Online reservation is also a feature of the platform, and it efficiently minimizes the no-shows with a customized and user-friendly interface.

Despite all these features, many users in the United States and Canada want to if Flexbooker Scam or it a legit platform to use.      

About Flexbooker

Flexbooker is the online platform for booking and scheduling appointments, enabling businesses of all sizes to manage and accept bookings from the official website while managing schedules efficiently. 

The platform is easy to use and needs a couple of minutes to set up. It is a mobile-friendly application and allows consumers to sign-up using any device via booking widgets and booking pages. 

Besides, the colorful calendar view of the application makes it easy to manage appointments and schedules from any browser. Apart from appointment scheduling and bookings, it also enables businesses to accept payments automatically and send reminders. If you want to know What Is Flexbooker and whether it is a scam or legit, continue reading. 

Is Flexbooker Legit or Scam?

There are certain parameters to check the legitimacy of any portal or application. Before signing up with any portal or application, users often check for the legitimacy of the portal to avoid unnecessary scams later.

  • After evaluating, we found that the website is quite old as it was registered eight years ago on 17th May 2013. So, it seems to be less risky.
  • Besides, the platform revived a 96% trust score, and it is an excellent trust rank of 80.9/100, making the application less risky. 
  • When searching for any Flexbooker Scam, if found multiple reviews and testimonials from previous users. Along with favorable reviews, the application has received the highest rating of 4.9-star out of 5. 
  • Many satisfied users shared reviews favoring the platform.  

The application can’t be considered a scam based on these findings and facts. The reviews are in favor, making the application legit to use. But, before using, ensure to read these reviews to make sure that it caters to your unique needs.   

What Is Flexbooker Review from Customer?

As mentioned, the platform has been praised by many consumers and users. It has received mixed reviews with the highest rating of 4.9-star out of 5. 

Customers are happy and satisfied using the services of the platform. They are urging other businesses to use it for scheduling and managing appointments from one unified application. But, ensure to read the reviews before signing up with the platform. 


Get started with the Flexbooker fee trial today. You will get a free trial of 14 days, and the moment you signup, the account activates, and you can start accepting online bookings and schedule appointments from your website directly. 

There are no reviews to claim Flexbooker Scam as most of the reviews favor and support the platform for scheduling appointments. But, ensure learning the tips on How to Protect Yourself from a Scam

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