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Flockek ru Reviews [June] Know about its Legitimacy!

Flockek ru Reviews [June] Know about its Legitimacy!

Flockek ru Reviews [June] Know about its Legitimacy! -> In this article, you get to know about an online store to buy products from different categories.

We have analyzed Flockek ru Reviews for you to get detailed information about the website. The website claims to deliver quality products at affordable prices. A lot of sites are emerging nowadays, trying to sell products online.

The chances of online scamsters also increase who try to attract customers with cheap prices and massive discounts. Customers usually tend to fall into the trap of the scamsters by seeing at the rate of the products.

All the new websites that are unable to gain much recognition from the customers are trying to sell products at cheaper rates to get recognized in the digital platform. But we don’t know which websites can be trusted and which cannot be.

Many scamsters are trying to sell products in the United States and other countries. People would quickly get full since they won’t be able to understand whether the site is safe or not. 

Shopping things online give customers the privilege to choose from the full range of available online products. People don’t have to go from shop to shop in search of a particular thing. They have to sit back at home and place the order of their choice.

People from anywhere within the world can place orders online.They could get the product delivered on their doorstep without stepping out of their houses.

You might be thinking whether the website is safe to place orders. We have reviewed Flockek Ru Reviews for you to understand about the website.

Read this article till the end to get your doubts cleared.

What is Flockek?

Flockek is an online store to purchase products from multiple categories online. Product training from switch plates, lanterns, night lights, boxes and bins, hats, and more are available on the site.

The company also claims to deliver free shipping of productsto mainland locations. 

The wide range of products that can be found on the site gives customers the privilege to choose products from different categories according to their choice.

The prices of products are also reasonable with attractive discounts.

Specifications of

  • Product: Multiple categories
  • Website:
  • Email address:
  • Contact number: +12563695004
  • Company’s address: 67th Street 1926 South, Suite 250, Omaha, Nebraska 68106
  • Dispatch within: 24 Hrs
  • Delivery period: 7-10 days
  • Exchange or Returns: within 30 days
  • Refunds: available
  • Payment method: Credit and Debit cards

Advantages of purchasing products from

  • Wide ranges of products are available on the website
  • People can place the order from anywhere
  • Free shipping to Homeland locations

Disadvantages of purchasing products from

  • The site is new to the online platform
  • The company’s address and contact number has been copied from other websites
  • Negative remarks found about the website where more

Is legit?

The website has copied its company’s address and contact number from other websites. The content on the about this page also seems to be copied. The website is poorly designed with no proper arrangement of the products.

The website shares a similar design to other sites from where you can shop online. The reviews that we found online about the website stated negative remarks more.

The website is new to the online platform. The people who have visited the website till now are also deficient.

All these things show that the website is not legit to place orders.

Customer Reviews of

People have not reviewed products on the company’s website. But we can find reviews about the online website. The reports we found online stated that people were satisfied by the website where more and that this site is not secured for placing orders.

The website is also new to the online platform; therefore, there are no many reviews about the site. The people who are unsatisfied with the website are more.

Final verdict:

The website has copied its company’s address and contact number from other websites. The website has been recently launched therefore the number of people visited the website till now are also very low.

The poorly design website shares a similar design with other sites, which shows that their website has copied its design too.

The remarks that we found about the online website had more unsatisfactory reviews concluding that the website is not safe. 

All these instances show that the website is not legit to buy items.

Add your valuable feedback below if you wish to share information about the site. It will help our readers to know more about the site.

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  1. I tried to make a purchase and my credit card was declined, Then about 30 minutes later an attempt was made to used by someone on my card for a different amount. My credit card company declined the purchase and contacted us right away. We are changing card numbers.

  2. Yep, it’s a scam. I fortunatley paid with PayPal so they can’t “get at my money” beyond what they scammed me out of. But I ordered 2 renewed Hepa Air Filters for my massage business post-COVID. And $145.16 dollars later, I received 5 white face masks. I am trying to contact them. Emails seem to work. But the website is unreachable now. I can’t believe I fell for it. I am usually very skeptical. 🙁 COVID-brain.

    1. Same! 5 white face masks… last time I let my husband order anything that he thinks seems like a good idea.. he’s the COVID brain. Lmao.

  3. Hahaha…..well Beverly, thank u for that mag, they probably got me also….I also paid thru PayPal and at least it was just $65, but I also should have known better….but I thought, what the heck, it’s a good deal if it’s legit, and if not I’ll file a refund thru PayPal….so I’m just wondering how many masks I ‘m gonna get….lol

  4. I waited for about three weeks after placing an order. I did try to research the company before buying anything, and there were no reviews up at that time (around the beginning of June 2020), good or bad. Today I checked the tracking number again, and it announced that the package was delivered in my mailbox over two weeks ago. The “package” I was expecting would have been a large box, not something that would fit in my mailbox, so at first I thought they were simply giving me a fraudulent tracking number and NOTHING had been delivered. Then I remembered that on the date given, I did receive a small package — of five nice little non-surgical masks, coming from an address in China. I don’t usually fall for online scams, but I certainly did this time.

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