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Flowerbomb Perfume Review (Dec) Is It Legit?

Flowerbomb Perfume Online Product Review

The article about Flowerbomb Perfume Review will inform you of all the necessary details of a perfume that offers a beautiful feminine fragrance.

Do you know that wearing perfume is also art? Choosing the right scent for different occasions is essential to portray a perfect impression. Many people would call you picky as they do not understand this art, but a true connoisseur will agree. 

The Dossier. co, which is based in the United States, has a perfume that is quite versatile and hazardous free. The Flowerbomb Perfume Review will tell us if it has the potential of being your favorite perfume.

About the Perfume

The new trend in the perfume world is called Gourmand fragrances. The word ‘Gourmand’ generally means a person who loves to eat and drink. That is why these perfumes are also called ‘Foodie Fragrances.’ These types of Perfumes mainly contain synthetically made edible notes, which are usually blended with base notes like musk or patchouli.

The White Flower Perfume from Dossier also belongs to this category of perfumes. This perfume contains notes of white flowers. Caramel, vanilla, berries, musk, along with some other notes. The Flowerbomb Perfume Review reveals that this is a feminine perfume.

Specific Details of the Products

  • Link to Buy the Perfume: 
  • Product Type: Gourmand Perfume
  • Product Size: The perfume is available in 50 ml bottles
  • Fragrance Type: It is a feminine fragrance
  • Primary Notes: The main notes of this perfume are white flowers, vanilla and caramel
  • Top Notes: The first smell would be of green tea, berries, bergamot and freesia
  • Middle Notes: White flowers, orchid and rose
  • Base Notes: The perfume has base notes of musk, caramel, vanilla and patchouli
  • Retail Price: The product holds a retail price of $29
  • Discounted Price: $17.40
  • Flowerbomb Perfume Review: The perfume has acquired a lot of good reviews from the customers
  • Inspiration: The product drew inspiration from Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb
  • Special Feature: Vegan and cruelty-free product
  • Safety Features: The product is free from paraben and phthalate, and colorant and UV filters have not been used, thus making it safe
  • Layering Advice: The product goes well with vanilla and cedarwood scents
  • Social Media: The brand is found on Instagram and Facebook 

Offered Advantages

  • The product is safe to use
  • It is a vegan product, thus making it suitable for all
  • Most of Flowerbomb Perfume Review is possible
  • The size of the bottle is easy to carry


  • The product of the price is little expensive
  • The product is only available in a single size 

Is The Product Legit? 

The claims of the brand show the product to be per excellence. But to understand the reliability of these claims, we must check out the following data carefully. Then only we will be able to determine the legitimacy of the item.

  • Registration Details of the Website: the domain was registered on 02-12-2012
  • Age of the Domain: It is 9 years old
  • The originality of content: The Flowerbomb Perfume Review shows that the site is mostly original with a very less amount of duplicate content
  • Brand Name: Dossier
  • Website’s Trust Score: The site holds an average trust score of 76%
  • The Authenticity of Address: No address is seen 
  • Details for Contact: Email is the only way to contact, and the email address is 
  • Owners’ Identity: Not identified
  • Reviews: The reviews are generally excellent
  • Popularity: The brand is a popular one
  • Existence on Social Media: The website holds official pages on Instagram and Facebook

After analyzing all the data, we can ensure that the brand has a legit base to make all these claims.

Flowerbomb Perfume Review

Since the product is an imitation of the original Flowerbomb perfume, some review holds comparison between the two. It seems that this perfume stays for a lesser time than the original, but it still has a great shell life of nearly 10 hours.

Though the brand is very much active in social media, the only source of review is the official website, as the review section of the Facebook page is disabled. However, almost all reviews certify the product as being of excellent quality. Only a few have objected for its strong smell. Visit here if you still have questions about the Dossierco .


The Flowerbomb Perfume Review leaves no doubt that it is clear that the product is from a reputed brand and is of very good quality. In case of delayed delivery, What To Do If Order Not Delivered? – Get the Information. If you have already used the product, kindly let us know about your experience in the comments below.

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