Fn.GG Mayhem {Feb} Know Rewards, Participation Rules!

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This article describes a gaming event that encourages content creators with suitable rewards for their valuable content. Read about the Mayhem.  

Are you excited about an exciting opportunity provided by a prominent game developer to gamers with good creativity? If yes, keep reading this article as we cover all the relevant details associated with this topic here.

Content creators Worldwide are excited about this incredible opportunity that rewards talented creators with reputed rewards. The creators are also provided with an opportunity to interact with their favourite game creators. So read till the end without skipping to learn more about the Mayhem

About Fortnite Creative Mayhem

Fortnite Creative Mayhem consists of various creative and innovative events on the official gaming website. The participants can submit their creative work on the website, and the winners of the event are rewarded with various prizes, such as the Mace of Hearts Pickaxe.

The winners are selected after the end date, the final date for submitting the contents as per the website guidelines to be eligible for the rewards. Contents received after the end date will not be considered for the reward. There are no registration charges to participate in this innovative event. Mayhem   

  • The participants can submit their video content before the end date to receive the valuable rewards.
  • The main event of Creative Mayhem consists of eight major social media influencers competing for the final reward.
  • The final winner will receive prize money of $100,000.
  • The Global Finals of the Creative Mayhem takes place on 12th March 2022.
  • The top eight finalists are selected from the top hundred influencers based on the video content uploaded on their YouTube Channel.

More on Fortnite Creative Mayhem

  • To be on the final list of the Mayhem participants, the user needs to participate in the primary selection process on 7th February 2022.
  • The Fortnite Creative Mayhem officially announced the end date is on 14th February 2022. So, make sure to submit your video content on or before this end date to avoid rejection of the application.

Participation Rules 

  • Go to the official website of Fortnite Creative Mayhem and create an account by providing your Epic Games account details and credentials.
  • Explore the Fortnite Creative Mayhem map available on the website.
  • Record the video of the run-through the Mayhem user participates on the creative map.
  • Choose your favorite game creator on the next step.
  • Open your YouTube studio and upload the recorded video.
  • Copy the link for your YouTube video and use the same link to submit with the Fortnite Creative Mayhem time score.
  • Once the application is submitted, wait for further feedback from the Fortnite Creative Mayhem team.


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