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Focusmoney Top Reviews [May] Is It Scam or Not?

Focusmoney Top Reviews 2020

Focusmoney Top Reviews [May] Is It Scam or Not? -> In this article, you get to know about an online shopping platform for diverse and rare items.

Focusmoney Top Reviews: Are you looking for different outdoor equipment and gym equipment at a budget-friendly price? Professional suppliers and fitness equipment come in use for everyone. These kinds of items are also tough to find in offline or an online store; the decent quality products at a reasonable price is way too much to ask these days.

There is one online platform that claims to be having different varieties of outdoor, gym, tool types of equipment. All items are available at one online destination at a budget-friendly price. The website name is Focusmoney Top. But then a query evolves, is legit? To solve that query, keep on reading this article.

What is Focusmoney Top?

It is an online shopping destination for different products like golf bags, hex dumbbell sets, vintage oak table & tools, air suspension kit, saw tent, ladder hoist, etc. The products are of reasonable price, and the quality of the products is excellent. They have furniture and kitchen appliances too.

Focusmoney Top provides delivery to different regions, but the fastest delivery they have is for the United States. The products are not homogenous, which means the items have a wide variety of different category products. Products like recliner chair, dog kennels, vertical hydroponic tower, etc. are also available.

The prices of the products are very cheap as compare to the quality we are getting. Even the rare items like a gymnastic set, full tool kits, electric floor heating matt kit, dog fence system; automatic engine creeper, etc. are here. The website is also expanding its outlet of products for better options for the customers.

Specifications of Focusmoney Top:

  • Website: The website showcases items related to gym, outdoor, tools & suppliers, furniture, etc.
  • Payment security and Privacy: PayPal and SSL certify it.
  • Customer service:
  • Company’s name is Scab fashion Technology Limited.
  • Processing time: 24 hours.
  • Delivery time: 7 to 15 days.
  • The return policy is valid until 14 days after delivery.
  • Modes of payment: Credit cards [VISA, American Express, MasterCard, Stripe, Discover, and JCB].

Is Focusmoney Top worth your money?

Based on Focusmoney Top Reviews, The items available on this website are of high-quality and will have a longevity of time with them. The price is justified in some products, and some products are cheap. But with no compromise with the quality is done. The customer service is excellent on this website.

The website is determined to better their services and to expand their outlet of products. The site is legit and shows no signs of danger, the PayPal and SSL certify it. The website is having some problems with maintenance. Overall the website is worth a try and also worth for your money.

Positive remarks of Focusmoney Top:

  • PayPal and SSL certify the site.
  • The items are diverse and have lots of options.
  • The product description of the items is commendable.
  • Easy returns and refunds are available on this website.
  • The quality of products is top-notch.
  • The price of items is justifiable.

Negative remarks of Focusmoney Top:

  • There are not many options for online payments, and the offline payment option is not available.
  • The website is having some maintenance problems.
  • There is no free delivery on all orders.

Customer’s review on Focusmoney Top:

The customers are mostly pleased by the availability of rare products; the pricing of items is also justifiable. The people have started following the website in its social pages like Yelp, Face book, Twitter, and Instagram. The customers also contact them through email for solving their queries.

The website does not show customer reviews and ratings on their site, which is upsetting for some customers. Overall, the website has gained many positive remarks and very less negative remarks, which is pleasing.

Final Notes:

According to the Focusmoney Top Reviews, the site is gaining its popularity by the time passes, the site is sometimes not running smoothly, but it is a common problem in new platforms. The products are of top-notch, and the pricing of the products is also justifiable. The delivery of this website is also proper, but it can delay in some far regions.

The site is in severe market competition, but it is doing well. The customer service on this website is outstanding. The site is free from any danger of suspicious activities. Therefore, we suggest that you visit the website and make purchases of your favourite items for yourself and your families.


  1. This is absolutely a scam site. Please do NOT give them your financial information regardless of how good the deal looks.

    1. Have you tried to order from them? I was getting ready to place an order but was looking for a Paypal icon. I am leary about paying with my card with sites I am unfamiliar with and particularly with a large about above $50.

    2. Hey Marry Lawndor, thank you for your warning. You just saved me on wasted money, time, and a potential headache. What have you experienced when dealing with this site?

  2. ordered the Hex Dumbell set for $99.00 on April 27, 2020…still waiting, no word from them whatsoever…

    1. I ordered on the 14th of April, no confirmation email ever, no correspondence since purchase. The next day, my credit card was charged 16 times by some overseas web address. I have emailed the address provided on the site with no response

  3. I believe it is a scam site as well I saw on Facebook. I ordered May 6th the dumbbell set and the payment went to China and have gotten zero responses from the website. When you go to ask a question, it says to email at scab fashion…when i did it got kicked back. I have filed a paypal complaint. i will update if i hear back but was told i would hear back with 48 hours of my order and not it is day 8 and no response.

  4. Have not received my order. It’s May 14 and I order April 29. Hopefully it will be here and I didn’t waist my money. Dang.

  5. I ordered on the 14th of April, no confirmation email ever, no correspondence since purchase. The next day, my credit card was charged 16 times by some overseas web address. I have emailed the address provided on the site with no response

  6. hi, I ordered the hex dumbell set on april 21, 2020, I live in Canada. it is now May 25, and nothing. at this point, I have to believe they are a scam

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