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Foodle Wordle {April} Check Out Details On New Game!

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Read this guide carefully, details about the new puzzle game Foodle Wordle and its gameplay is shared in this article. 

Do you love enjoying different dishes? If your answer is affirmative, you would probably love the new puzzle game, Foodle. It is the newly launched puzzle game based on the famous riddle game, Wordle. 

It is the upgraded version of Wordle based on dishes and foods. The gameplay involves guessing the names of the dishes and foods in six attempts. 

Worldwide, players are attracted to this new food-inspired riddle game and want to know how to play the Foodle Wordle.    

What is Foodle?

Foodle is the new riddle game that shares the same attributes as the famous puzzle game, Wordle. It is a puzzle game where players need to guess the name of the dishes and foods using the letters displayed on the screen. For each correct guess, players score sharable points via social media. 

The puzzle game releases daily riddles, and players get six attempts to solve the mystery riddle. It shares the same gameplay, but the only difference is that players have to guess the name of the food and dishes instead of words. 

How to Play the Foodle Wordle Game?

After releasing the food-inspired riddle game, worldwide players are attracted to the game. A new riddle is released every day that players have to solve in the available attempts. The gameplay involves solving the daily riddles using the hints and letters available on the screen.

Since it shares the same characteristics as Wordle, players get six chances to create a five-letter word which must be a name of a dish or food. After each correct answer, the color of the tiles changes to green. If your guess is close to the correct answer, the tiles will turn yellow.   

Foodle Wordle Game is the recreation of Wordle, and hence players have to guess the correct five-letter word in the game in the available six attempts. Food lovers enjoy the game and solve the daily quest by guessing the correct names of foods and dishes. 

What are Player’s Reactions?

We have found that the game has grabbed the attention of many gamers, especially food lovers. In addition, people have shared their experiences online on social media platforms. 

Players are enjoying the riddles released daily. They get the chance to guess the names of the dishes and foods using the letters and hints in Foodle Wordle. Some people are even sharing their experiences in the game and the answers to the daily riddles on discussion forums. 

People consider it the best Wordle recreation and alternative and enjoy the daily riddles released by the developers.


Foodle is the new riddle game released with inspiration from the popular puzzle, Wordle. The game releases daily riddles that players have to solve in six tries. Players have to guess a five-letter word, the name of a dish or food.  

Foodle Wordle is easy to play puzzle game, especially if you know how to play Wordle. 

Are you playing the game? Please share your experiences in the comment section.

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