Forgotten Feather Wow {July} Treasures of Korthia!

Forgotten Feather Wow 2021

Forgotten Feather Wow {July} Treasures of Korthia!>> This post contains details about a new zone created in an online game and issues related to it.

The release of wow shadowland 9.1 has many new add-on features for players in Canada, the United States, United Kingdom and Australia. As a chain of domination updated content arrived on 30th June, the quest for Forgotten Feather Wow has started in the new zone of Korthia.

As the power of Maw grows, gamers need to return with more strength to fight the jailer, who has a hidden treasure, to a much safer place. Though most of the players are happy with the new zone, some players also complain about the Korthia treasures.

About Korthia, the city of secret:

In the new update of the chain of domination, a new zone Korthia, the city of secret, is added, which has ten treasures hidden in it. Forgotten Feather Wow is one treasure that players can use to make different pets their companions and fight other players’ pets.

Some of the activities which player can perform in Korthia are listed below:

  • A player can return to Maw and by accompanying Conventant, and they can plan an attack on the jailor.
  • They can discover Rares and treasures in Korthia and Desmotaeron.
  • The player can complete their daily quest by killing the fearsome monsters who roam on the Maw.
  • They can also blind one eye of the jailer, allowing them to roam freely in Korthia, as he will not be able to track their movement.

Location of Forgotten Feather Wow Treasure:

Though there are many difficulties in Korthia, still gamer want to visit this city of secret and want to loot the treasures as it will allow them to earn rewards and increase their Anima power and soul cinders. Some facts about treasure, loot and their location are given below:

Glittering Nest material: This is one of the treasures that can be reached on the way around 38.5 and 42.85; players can get Korthian armaments as a loot item.

Forgotten Feather: To reach this treasure, gamers can follow 68.9 and 29.8 ways and use a goblin glider to reach the feather. The Player will get a forgotten feather toy as a loot item.

Players complaining about Forgotten Feather Wow and other treasure loot:

Korthia is a new zone in the latest edition of the chain of domination, and players were excited about exploring the new secret town. Still, after some days of use, many are complaining about the treasure of korthia.

The main issue with some of the players is the retention of the treasure, which, according to them, is looted by another player while they are in combat. Gamers have taken the issue to Reddit and the developer official forum. 

Gamers are finding some loopholes in the new rewarding system as they are not able to preserve their treasure while in combat.

Final verdict:

A treasure like Forgotten Feather Wow and dislodged Nest allow the player to gain power and reward for their further conquest in the game. Still, if they find their treasure taken away by some other player, it takes the game in another direction.

So Blizzard needs to fix the problem at the earliest to keep gamers interested in the game. Online gamer can share their experience and issues in the comment section and give their opinion about the post below as it will help us serve you better. To know more about the korthia, read it here.

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