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Fourshine reviews [April] – Is It A Legit Website?

Fourshine reviews [April] –  Is It A Legit Website? >> You must be having this question in your mind. Well, the answer of this question is in this review post. Read to know more.

Online shopping is the best convenience for shopping that any customer can purchase any product on one click; you can buy online by sitting at home. You can arrange any result of your decision from any online shop. There are a few online shops related where you can do all the family shopping by any electronic gadget. In any case, imagine a scenario where that online shop is phoney? There are numerous online stores like fourshine.com, which sell items like furnishings, household products, and apparel for men and women. 

There are a large number of assortments of items that fourshine.com sells; they likewise sell all equipment related to the gym, designer wears for both men and women. The cost of any item is modest in fourshine.com; according to the fourshine reviews, the market price of the product is not as low as it is available on the fourshine website.

There are many articles published over the website where customers are asking is fourshine legit and about fourshine scam. Be that as it may, right now, we will give precise information about the site. A large portion of the fourshine website reviews are negative. Individuals need to evade each one of those sites, which all are not having positive audits; it very well may be effectively check with Google surveys. Each website must contain an appropriate email address and physical location.

What is fourshine.com?

The site sells many items for children wears; fashion wears for men and women, and baby products. Customers can also buy gym sets and equipment available in fourshine.com at affordable prices. Now it is easy to make your home a gym and purchase all sets of dumbbells, barbells, treadmill, and many more.

The company is additionally selling toy vehicles for kids, sports materials, and all the equipment used in indoor and outdoor activities confine all at a moderate cost. Fourshine.com had varieties of products to sell, but now its domain name is open for sale. The site is no longer working, so currently, it is closed, and no information is available about its shut down.

Not many of the clumsy point to be noted on the site is that, even though it is more than any conventional web-based shopping store but there are few negative reviews about the website. The webpage is concealing its personality and ready to advance it’s a United States website. The email address gave by the site is itself a joke; they are utilizing Gmail space server, and the name they are using is wrong.

The gym equipment, designer clothes are not excessively modest as appearing on the site. The site is additionally having issues with their website; it is now closed, and its domain name is ready for sale. It would seem that it is made with some modest programming, it can’t transfer its page on the web without any problem. They don’t have any enrolled address of their office.

Features and Benefits (Pros and Cons of fourshine.com)

Pros of fourshine.com

  • The company is giving 30 days return ensure, which implies on the off chance that you don’t care for the item, at that point the company will discount your full amount
  • You can have wide varieties of products of gym, exercise and workout equipment
  • Children items and kidswear for age upto 5years are also available at cheap price.
  • Company is taking requests from other countries too
  • You will get free shipping from the website on purchase of product over $50

Cons of fourshine.com

  • Customers have detailed about the site that it is phoney website is not having any customer base and not having enough customer visited. So, it is not a good sign.
  • The company avoided mentioning any address of their office, and it can’t be that the company is concealing its subtleties.
  • Products are accessible requiring little to no effort contrasted with the genuine cost of the item which sounds unmatched
  • The site has few negative fourshine reviews.

Return and Exchange Policy

  • Cancellation is not accepted after placing order.
  • The refund will be credited to the client’s within 30 days
  • Any harm to the item will cost you the fine from your discount of 40%
  • All the delivery will be done by the courier services and the delivery time may exceed due to holidays or due to bad weather


The website is currently not working; the purpose of this article is to make people aware; so that they can know the legitimacy of the website. But it is up to you and your choice.

0 thoughts on “Fourshine reviews [April] – Is It A Legit Website?

  1. I just purchased from fourshine.com
    Was I scammed? No emails of purchase & cant get anyone to respond to email provided on site. I try to search in there site for my order & either site doesn’t work or won’t recognize my email. What should I do?

      1. Same thing with me. I found a backyard pool on the site. I looked rhe site over before I purchased and it looked suspicious. I ordered the pool and got no order confirmation. Also I tried e-mailing with the email given to ask about the order. Looks like Im out 111$. Do I have any recourse? Any suggestions?

          1. Same Here, Saw ad on FACEBOOK and Paid $104.77 on 4-20-20 for a 24′ Round (Intex Metal frame) Pool with no Email Order Conformation. We Bought it on fourshine.com (which appears to be for sale 4-25-25 according to this Article) , however shopsinglestone.com is who got Our money 4-21-20. Then the fourshine.com Website (in the Loaded Tab or by clicking Refresh) changed overnight on 4-25-20 to qgpig.com Company logo OLESUO, but all the website Layout and words are identical to fourshine.com. So Now what Our Bank did is have us get a new Debit Card and fill out a Dispute Form so We can mabe Get Our Money Back Because of this Scam. We are Just hoping to Help Others not get Scammed to start with, by sharing our Experience and that the AD is on FACEBOOK.

          2. I ordered the speaker set ror $77.00 Dolllars i still havent had a email or cell phone call about my order update my ordet was charged april 5 from my card . has anyone recieved thier order

          3. I did the same order $111.00 haven’t received anything they should be ashamed of themselves I am disabled and on fixed income an I saw the pool an thought I would get it for my grandchildren and I told my grandson who’s turning 6 in June maybe he could have a pool party now I have to find away to tell him cause he so excited It’s going to break his heart not only did they take the money but attempted to do it four more times after my bank can’t help me only to stop anymore attempts But one thing I do know God doesn’t like ugly an they will get their shady business day for sure I guess I had sucker on my forehead shame on you !!!

      2. Hello, and thank you for sharing this information. A friend of mine just received news that not only was this site not legit but had additional funds – his bank is having him fill out a dispute form to see if he is able to get reimbursed. My advice, please stop ordering for sites on your phone because when I went into the site on my computer it tells me that the site is not secure.

    1. I ordered inflatable gazebo, it popped up on Facebook. They charged me for it and I tried to see status of my order. Seems that the website doesn’t work. In the shipping section it says 72 hours for reply or the status to be updated once it leaves warehouse. I don’t know, I’m waiting one more day, if I don’t receive any email back or a status update, I will contact my bank and mention it’s a scam and to reverse payment as it already charged me under a different name based in Florida. I suggest you do the same

      1. I ordered from this site I still got my tracking number from 2months ago and never got an email or even my product I ordered

    2. I have pictures saying it came out my bank account
      I ordered 4 person inflatable hot tub for 129.99 from Fourshine order #22366
      Date 3/21/20 if I don’t here back about it by Monday going to my bank and filing changes!!!
      Phone # 574/780/8116

      1. Same. Ordered on 3/28, Lesson learned about doing research before hitting the buy button. Have you gotten anywhere or did you cancel it with your bank?

    3. I was scammed out of $89.00 for a 20×20 chicken coop. What made me suspicious was the product weighed 596 lbs and would need a special shipping and it was being offered free shipping. On $89.00 ?? Well I paid with my PayPal and after a week of no emails yet my money cleared the bank I put an open case on the store and it proved fake cause even pay pal could not verify it. I also complained to my banks fraud Dept and they gave it to the authorities. PayPal gave me my money back but if you want my opinion get yourself a PayPal account and PAY FOR EVERYTHING YOU BUY ON LINE THROUGH PAYPAL!!!!

      They are reliable and honor claims of fraud if you get scammed. Good luck in your ventures and go to your bank and run it through the fraud Dept so you can get your money back and site the stores . Com address that it’s no longer a valid address.


    1. Ordered something from this company no confirmation of order . I feel like It was a scam how do I go about getting my money back.

    2. I did the same. I have no email confirmation, just a photo screen shot I took after I made the order. Did you have luck disputing this to your bank?

  2. Thank you for this information. I ordered an item from Fourshine and they still were able to process the payment – so be careful!! I have emailed the company, which goes to a yahoo account (yikes). I wish I read this first!

  3. I am in the same boat. I ordered something knowing there is a chance it may not be legitimate. Yahoo email address was all I could find – I even mentioned that in the email I sent…. I wonder if we will receive anything (response, products).

  4. I ordered 11 days ago. No email confirmation, and no product. But of course they charged me card. Charge on my card showed a Stone company about an hour away from me. I’m going to have my credit card company dispute the charge.

  5. yeah, i knew it would sketchy but i figured whatever, its a $100 bucks for a hottub. no response, website is useless. youd think facebook would vet these things better

    1. Ordered a inflatable hottub, back at beginning of April. Shouldve been here 2 wks ago. Never got it. Good thing I screenshotted the order info & pruchase stuff. Sent an email to the “yahoo” email, no response. I did get my bank to refund my purchase but I had to cancel my card & say it was stolen. They wouldnt refund it just because it was a scam! So even though had to go through the hassle of getting a new card, it was worth it. Cause who knows if these idiots will take all the card info & try to use it or sell it etc. So I would suggest to do the same.

    2. same with me paid and never received nothing and site do no exit anymore and no email confirmation!!!

  6. I see countless items for sale through word games. Someone should make them aware that they are themselves advertising a scam site. Because of being advertised while playing these games makes a person think they are legitimate or they wouldn’t be advertised by these methods. I am very careful these days to check everything. But I have to admit that I was also under the illusion that because words with friends have them advertising space that they must be legit.

  7. I fell victim to this site also. So what do we do? I’m filling a report with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC.gov) and disputing the charge with credit card company.

  8. Shit….Looks like a scam to me too. I was a sucker though and bought the hot tub for $100….Not sure what got into me, too good to be true. I’m usually more careful! Did anyone have success getting their money back?

    1. That was a scam, I figured it was, because I saw the same stuff on different sites that doesn’t even sale them

  9. I was told by my bank that since I gave them my card number I am basically out of money. Does anyone know where you go to at least report these people so other people don’t get suckered out of money? says:

    I was told by my bank that since I gave them my card number I am basically out of money. Does anyone know where you go to at least report these people so other people don’t get suckered out of money? I noticed that along with the amount my account was charged it included
    Tiny circuits.com and
    Tiny circuits.ncus

  10. Very frustrated! I ordered a chicken coop on 4/10/20 from fourshine! No email confirmation of receiving my order but best believe they charged my card the $89.99 and when I saw my credit card charge it was another company called follus so when I googled follus a legit site opened up it’s an online store selling animal printed accessories and such…nothing at all to do w my purchase! I emailed follus to let them know I had a charge from them to my card…gave them all the details of my order. They at least had a physical address in California and a seemingly legit customer support email…so hopefully they respond back to me! Can’t believe I fell for this I am usually way more cautious w this kinda thing! Going to give them the full 5-10 days to ship and wait to see if I receive anything about my order and if not I’m disputing the charge w my CC company.

    1. check on your credit card bill…. mine was charged at thecakekeeper.com lollll…it’s a cake and donut store grrrrrr

  11. same problem here with the hot tub. i feel Facebook should be responsible for this. They are allowing these BS companies to advertise on Facebook. And we all trust facebook. We all know Facebook is smart enough to not let this happen.

  12. Ordered from them also no way to get in touch with them no product but they took my money on bank statement it’s a website that sell herbal vitamins no fourshine at all.

  13. For all those that ordered from the site please stop calling the 919 number. That is a legitimate business that the scammers added the number to. Please call your banks and dispute the charges and please research more before you enter CC information into a website.

  14. DON’T ORDER THERE…I’m from Quebec Canada, was scammed, never received the spa, no refund, my order on my CC was under the name of thecakekeeper.com ???!!…No email confirmation…Big sh*t !

    1. The cc statement for mine says ginglebellsgin was who charged me? Now the website is for sale. I reported to FB, google, chrome, and Gmail. All with no reply still. Soooo I contacted the BBB they replied and are looking into this site and matter

  15. This sit is definately a scam bc when I went back onto facebook the same advertisment came up but under a different company name with the same hot tubs and pools with the same prices as “fourshine” . I’m livid how is this aloud by facebook for these frauds to advertise on facebooks page.

  16. I ordered a pool. 11 days now no pool. I emailed the address provided and it came back saying address not found. I have reported to fb, fb marketplace, and Gmail. I am also going to report to google. I have screenshots of order ad and email. There is also more fake sites using qgpig.com called Oasis on marketplace not just fourshare. I am reporting to anyone I can and will do so until I see results. Anyone who wishes commenting on here may contact me if they would like to join my fight. Idk if it will help but I am at least going to try!

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  20. I ordered from this site I still got my tracking number from 2months ago and never got an email or even my product I ordered

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  24. I order a chicken coop back in April never received but they had problem taking the money out out my account, not sure what the next step is, or if there is anything I can do, I have a screen shot of the order number and everything but when I go to the website it keeps re-routing to different sites.. help!!

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