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Fpwht com Reviews (June 2021) Is The Website Legit!

Fpwht com Reviews (June 2021) Is The Website Legit!

Fpwht com Reviews (June 2021) Is The Website Legit! >> The article presents a detailed description of the online retailer selling interesting and inflatable aqua playing products.

Are you looking for something interesting for your kid’s birthday? Or to maybe lift their mood in this pandemic? Then certainly, this article is for you.

Today’s article is an exhaustive description of – Fpwht com ReviewsIn the pandemic, people worldwide, like the United States, etc., are trying to find things to keep their children entertained.

Don’t worry; this article has the solutions for you now; keep reading the article to know everything about this site.

What is

You can easily find Banzai products by typing in the browser. Banzai is the online retailers selling the coolest products for kids to keep them engaged in playing. To keep it undoubtedly, Bnazai provides playing products for kids, they have both inflatable water slides and small wooden houses for kids.

Do these things make you wonder about the site, like if it Is Fpwht com Legit or not? Don’t worry, and even those aspects are being covered in the article with all details and extensive research. The company has claimed itself as the most transparent trade services with automatic billing to save your time. 

The company claims to have secure transaction options and keeping it simpler. They claim to have cost-effective services with all the latest e-commerce trends. Keep reading to know this in details.

Specifications Of Fpwht

  • Website Link-
  • Products Offered – The Company provides Inflatable objects like water parks, slides, bouncers, and swing sets and wooden playhouses. (you can choose the size accordingly)
  • Creation Date – While researching for – Fpwht com Reviews, the domain creation found is 19th May 2021.
  • Email address –
  • Contact Details – no contact details are provided.
  • Shipping – takes up to 3-7 days for shipping
  • Return/Exchange – not more than seven days
  • Refund – not specified
  • Cancellation –. No details are given.
  • Address- The Company doesn’t show the address.
  • Payment Method – online gateways like MasterCard, PayPal, visa etc. are accepted

Advantages of Fpwht shopping 

  • The company has cool products available for kids.
  • The products are inflatable aqua playing products.
  • They claim to provide security of your personal information provided.
  • They provide aqua playing inflatable products.


  • While researching for – Fpwht com Reviews, it was found that you can only buy one product at a time.
  • While buying the product, the site only shows PayPal as the option. In comparison, it claims to have multiple options for payment.
  • They don’t cover the expenses for returning the product.
  • The products don’t have reviews on them, to ensure the quality of the products.
  • The site has no social media handles.
  • The site fails in giving the most important information regarding the company.
  • It claims to sell the product for clearance of stock.

 Is Fpwht com Legit Or Scam 

The foremost important points- 

  • Age of Domain – As explained, the site is made just one month ago, poor to identify the legitimacy.
  • Confidence index- The trust score is very poor. It is only 1%
  • Plagiarized Content – The content is 100% copied from a different website which is also determined as scandalous.
  • Address – the site has not even shown the company’s address, which makes it suspicious.
  • Social Media Presence – The Company has zero social media presence or even social media handles.
  • Customer Reviews – The site has no reviews visible on their products, which can be risky while buying them.

According to these pointers, the Fpwht seems suspicious; read more to know if that’s true or not.

Fpwht com Reviews   

Customer reviews are considered the most reliable section to identify the legitimacy of the product and site. In contrast, surveying on the products of the site and about the site’s reviews. There were hardly any reviews found anywhere.

The site doesn’t even have any social media accounts or handles to showcase the site’s followers. It has been noticed that the company’s products the site sells have average reviews on some trustworthy sites like Amazon.

From Amazon we have noticed that many buyers have shown their satisfaction with the products. However some have expressed their annoyance after using it. Read here for more reviews 


In the final verdict of the article, hope you got everything you need to know about the website. While checking for Fpwht com Reviews, it is determined that the site seems suspicious to buy products from them. Read here if you have faced a PayPal scam.

You are still advised to check the site if you want to buy anything from them as the site has copied content and a very poor trust score. Read here if you have faced a Credit card scam. Have you bought anything from his site before? Comment below about your experience- 

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