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Frank Speech .com (Aug 2021) Get Authentic Details Here! >> The news blog will let you understand one of the viral news about the rescheduling time of an event, which has been delayed due to a cyber attack.

Who is the owner? Why has Frank Speech made viral headlines? – Including these, there may be hundreds of queries you are seeking to be solved.

Have you got the proper answer? If not yet, stop wasting your time searching and start to read this exclusive news related to Frank Speech .com’ that is booming on the United States news headline.

Frank Speech Website-Basic Overview:

Frank speech website represents a platform of ‘The Voice of Free Speech.’ It is solely operated by the’ My Pillow’ CEO Mr. Mike Lindell; besides being known for his brand business, he is notable in Canada and the entire USA as a US former President supporter.

Recently, the platform has been in the top headlines of some leading news networks after some announcements done by the owner Mike Lindell. Let’s go in-depth to know the facts more-

The News about Frank Speech .com:

According to leading news sources, the news has become widespread after the claiming of Mike Lindell that he became the victim of the cyberattack. Therefore, the Cyber Symposium event would be delayed.

As per the reports, in South Dakota, in between the live crowd, the ‘My Pillow’ CEO has announced that the technology which Lindell will use for this event has been attacked. Moreover, in his speech, he has added that they should get the voice out as the thing has been blocked. He also has mentioned that it is the cover-up and the worst way to cover up in history.

Frankspeech com cyber symposium– About the event:

From the leading news reports, the reason has been revealed- the event was scheduled to enlighten his discredited 2020 US election conspiracy theory, where he stated that the 2020 US election had been stolen from Mr. Donal Trump, the former president of the USA.

The sources disclosed that the Cyber Symposium was supposed to start on 10th August 2021, and it would be streaming live 72 hours straight on the platform. For the promotion of this event, Mike was reported to offer a huge sale on his ‘My Pillow’ products. 

In the frank speech com cyber symposium, Lindell has declared that the evidence would be provided to show that the election had been stolen by hacking the system by China for defeating the former US President.

Along with this, he has also mentioned that the evidence would result in the court overturning the result unanimously.

Wrapping Up:

We have given all the necessary facts on this topic. Along with this, the news on frankspeech has reported that it is still unclear if the Frank Speech platform was the only target or not. No further reports have been revealed regarding the hacking and the rescheduling of the Cyber Symposium. Do you want to know more about Frank Speech .com and related facts to this matter? Please specify below.

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