Frank Varey Chester (July) Sadly Passed Away At Age 16!

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Frank Varey Chester (July) Sadly Passed Away At Age 16! >> Read on to know about the tragedy that took the life of a remarkable young boxer.

In a twisted turn of events, the United Kingdom and the rest of the world woke up to the news of a young and upcoming star’s untimely demise. The information was broken to the world via social media posts recently. 

It left everyone who has seen the young man perform in disbelief and shatters. Many have laid their tribute to this upcoming star in the most heart-touching ways, with prayers pouring in for the family and friends online.  Therefore, it is crucial to know about Frank Varey Chester. 

Who was Frank Varey?

Frank Varey was the upcoming star of boxing and was widely known as the ‘future world champion’ after watching this young man perform. He was a 16-year-old lad who has five national championships and six international titles to his name. 

He has also represented the United Kingdom at the European Junior Championships 2019 in Romania. Varey is also known to have competed in Riviera Box Cup in Torquay. 

During this competition, Varey showcased to the world what talent he possesses and grabbed attention. He was up against Muhammad Ali, where he won against Ali and took home the best junior boxer award. 

Frank Varey Chester Incident 

It was unimaginable what happened to Frank Varey. But, according to reports, around 2:30 pm on 22 July 2021, a search for this 16-year-old started that ended in heartbreaking news. 

The search for Frank Varey lasted for seven hours. The incident details were clear from one of the footage found on Frank’s social media page. The posted footage showed Varey and his friends arrive at Chester’s riverfront called River Dee around the afternoon. 

They jumped into the river where the tragedy took place, and Frank drowned. Around 8 pm, the search team found the body of the young lad, who was Frank Varey Chester

Fans’ Responses 

After the news broke out, fans and people who knew the young star poured in with prayers and condolences. Eminent personalities in the boxing world, such as Tyson Fury, poured heartfelt messages for the young star calling him a future world champ. 

Rhoose Boxing Club, where Frank Varey would practice with his father, broke the news and showed their sentiment on the information. Varey’s close mates and relatives also took to social media to pay tribute to their loved one. One of his pals posted how he tried everything to save Frank Varey Chester and yet couldn’t.

Closing Thoughts

Goodbyes are complex, but the sudden ones are the hardest. The profound grief of losing someone is way beyond what words can convey, especially if it is sudden and unexpected. The immense amounts of prayers and support for the family is all anyone can give in these moments.  Watch to know more about the young boxing talent Frank Varey

What are your feelings about the Frank Varey Chester incident? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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