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Full Crystal Reviews [July] Is it the Legit Business?

Full Crystal Reviews [July] Is it the Legit Business? -> This article informs customers about a web store that claims to sell an ultimate window cleaning system.

Are window, glass, and screen cleaning on top of your must-do list this summer?  Full Crystal is there to help.

Full Crystal sells cleaning crystals made in the United States. Their product is great for those who find it hard to reach the second story windows.

In the following article, we go over Full Crystal Reviews and learn Is Full Crystal Legit or not?

What is Full Crystal?

Full Crystal is a window cleaning system by Fuller Brush and Company. Fuller Brush and Company have been making quality products since 1906.

Under the ongoing TV offer, Full Crystal offers 1 Full Crystal Set for $19.99 plus $7.95 (P&H). This includes a bottle, lid, and one bag of Full Crystal Powder. 1 Full Crystal Set can clean up to 20 windows.

Under this offer, you will also get a second bag of Full Crystal Powder by paying an additional $4.99. This means you can clean up to 40 windows by paying just $4.99 extra.

You can add an InsureShip Package Insurance to your order by paying another $1.99.

The company claims to have the best products and friendliest customer support.

According to their website, Full Crystal is the best-selling outdoor surface cleaner of 2018.

Full Crystal ships to all addresses within the continental United States.

Specifications of Full Crystal:

  • Products- Multipurpose outdoor cleaning system for windows, screens, patio, steps, and vehicles
  • Website- https://buyfullcrystal.com/
  • Contact- 877-778-6591
  • Contact number for placing the order- 800 520 6979
  • Link for Order Status Form (for tracking your order)- orderstatus@sasgrop.com 
  • Shipping time- 4 to 6 weeks after the order is processed.
  • Processing and Handling fee- $7.95
  • Delivery time- 1 to 2 weeks
  • Exchange- Not specified
  • Returns- Within 30 days of purchase
  • Return address- Full Crystal,16595 W Stratton Drive, New Berlin, Wisconsin 53151, USA
  • Refunds- It has a 30-day money refund guarantee 
  • Mode of payment- Debit card, Credit card (additional transaction fee is applied), and PayPal

Pros of Full Crystal:

  • Cleans windows and screens at the same time, there is no need to remove screens.
  • Its reach is up to 27 feet; one does not require any ladder.
  • It is effortless to use as it attaches to any garden hose.
  • It is very safe to use, does not harm any shrubs, plants, and grass.
  • It comes in an engineered bottle that cleans and rinses in one step.
  • You can track your order through an Order Status Form available on their website.
  • They offer a Full Crystal Worry-Free Program with free P&H, after your first order.
  • Full Crystal uses SSL to secure your personal information and card details.
  • One can also order through the phone.

Cons of Full Crystal:

  • Ships only within the continental USA
  • Customer pays for Postage & Handling of the returned item
  • Not for indoor use
  • Uses a lot of water

Is Full Crystal Legit?

In the wake of online frauds, one has to be extremely smart while placing online orders. 

It is highly recommended that you carefully read reviews, scrutinize websites, and do proper research before taking any step.

While navigating through the Full Crystal website, you are bound to ask yourself, Is Full Crystal Legit or just another fake site?

We have carried out a step-by-step investigation through our Full Crystal Reviews to verify the legitimacy of the same, and it mostly seems legit.

What are people saying about Full Crystal?

We had to dig online and conduct thorough research to get hold of customer reviews. We came to know that Full Crystal enjoys mixed reviews. 

On the one hand, customers highly recommend using their products and are raving about its high reach and cleanliness. On the other hand, some are very disappointed and complain that it does nor provide coverage as advertised.

Final verdict:

Full Crystal’s website provides its customers with all the necessary details and videos. They have hosted their website on the Mojo enterprise eCommerce platform, which is an insured platform. This makes their website safe for customers.

After going through their online reviews, we have concluded that Full Crystal is indeed a legit website. 

We know that they have mixed reviews from customers, but the negative reviews outweigh the positive. Therefore, we advise you not to order from their website. 

Even though the website is genuine, their product is not as good as they claim. You will require additional tools to clean your windows.

We ask customers to share their views of Full Crystal and its products. Please post your comments about your experience with Full Crystal.

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  1. I ordered this product on 4/22/2020. My payment was posted by my bank account on 4/23/2020. To date (7/6/2020) I have not received this product. I have called the contact number repeatedly and no one ever answers. I paid $32.93 for nothing. I would never trust this company again. If anyone had this experience and was able to secure a refund, I would appreciate knowing what steps you took. I would definitely recommend you avoid this company altogether.

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