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Gambia Wordle {June} Explore Hints, Correct Answer!

In this post, we have discussed whether Gambia Wordle is the correct word for the 5th June Worldle game.  

Are you an avid fan of the Worldle game? Are you stuck with your guess? If yes, this post will help for the 5th June Worldle guess. 

Worldle is a game in which you have to guess the nation or region of the day. Gambia Wordle is the most popular Worldwide guess for the 5th June Worldle. So, in this piece, we’ll debate if Gambia is the correct option. We’ll also provide some Worldle advice for users. Let’s start with an introduction on Worldle. 

What is Worldle?

Worldle is another addition to the Word game craze. This game was developed by Antoniw Tuef and focuses on guessing country names in six attempts.  

When Worldle players make an incorrect estimate, they are notified how far or in which way they are from the right nation on a map. Users may make the experience more difficult by hiding the nation and rotating it randomly. 

Is Gambia Game Right Answer for 5th June Worldle Word? 

We can quickly answer the correct option, but we would want to offer our readers some hints on the correct nation name before we offer the solution to guide users if they get stuck.

Here are the Worldle hints for the 5th June 2022 Worldle game.

  • Hint No. 1: The country is one of the African nations. 
  • Hint No. 2: The country’s name is made up of six letters.
  • Hint No. 3: The country’s economy is primarily reliant on the production & export of peanuts (groundnuts).
  • Hint No. 4: This nation’s first letter is G.

Correct Answer: Gambia 

Now that we know Gambia Wordle is the correct guess let us discuss which country name is best to start the game. 

What Is the Ideal Country to Begin in Worldle?

Starting with nations in the center of the world will provide you with a good foundation on which to base your guesses for additional locations. It’s a good reason to begin from Ghana, which is about in the middle of the planet, for those regions.

Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, and Togo are all nearby nations. Any of them will provide comparable outcomes, allowing you to begin predicting based on the guess. 

Let’s take the example of the Gambia Wordle guess, and if users would have guessed some Asian country, you will have a hard time getting the correct answer. Whereas, if they used Ghana as the first guess, it would have shown nearer, and you can guess accordingly. 

Also, you take the help of Google. For example, say your first guess is Bhutan, and the game shows that it is 8,673km away. Then you can search on Google which countries are 8,673km from Bhutan.  


Worldle is one of the most interesting Wordle game versions out there. The game takes a lot of effort. Now go and play the Worldle game by clicking here.

Was this article on Gambia Wordle helpful? If yes, comment on which game hints you want us to cover next. 

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