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Gamedayspa.com Reviews (Dec) Is Gamedayspa Real Or Scam?

Gamedayspa.com Reviews (Dec) Is Gamedayspa Real Or Scam? >> We want to explain the website that offers Nintendo switches and its legitimacy that helps you move forward and make the right purchasing decision through this post.

Gamedayspa.com Reviews: Nowadays, technologically, we are in progress as we can see a few years back; no one was so much involved in online facilities, but now everyone is going through gadgets, e-commerce, online gaming and so on. 

We noticed every child from their childhood attracted to screen games, mobile phones etc. There are different platforms available for playing games like PC games and console-based games that we can attach to our TV or any PSP device with new software programs.

Here we have a website Gamedayspa.com that comes in the market with Nintendo switch, which is very popular in console gaming. Nintendo Switch is designed to fit your gaming interest with your comfort from a home console to a portable system. 

There are so many types of video games with different accessories. Many users are going through console gaming, as it provides much more pleasure and comfort than computer gaming, where we will not face any obstacle. This site is delivering the console worldwide, and mainly it covers the United States.

So let us see what the website is offering for us.

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What is Gamedayspa.com?

It is a web-based online portal where we can feel live on screen. It is providing us Nintendo switch system that permits you to play your favourite game at your home and also out of your home. There are so many categories listed below:

  • Systems
  • Joy-con & controller
  • Games
  • Refurbished
  • Accessories
  • Nintendo La

Let us know more about the website through Gamedayspa.com Reviews.

Specifications of Gamedayspa.com

  • The URL for the customers of this website is https://gamedayspa.com/.
  • An ambient range of the Nintendo switch system is offered.
  • Email Address: support@weswitch.online.
  • U.S. Warehouse Address: 13208 Huntington Lane Woodbridge, Virginia, US.
  • Phone no. : (203) 214-1366
  • You can pay for your product by PayPal and credit card with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB and so on.
  • It is provides tracking policy.
  • Return policy also available.
  • The site is protected by HTTPS Protocol as well as SSL Integration.
  • Domain age: only three days old i.e., 13th November 2020
  • Shipping policy: The shipping fee in the United States on most items is $10, on some items; it may have a weight-based shipping fee and Free Standard Shipping Worldwide over $50.

 Please stay connected to know more about Gamedayspa.com Reviews and the website’s pros and cons.

What is the mileage of buying from Gamedayspa.com?

  • A contact number is available.
  • An Email address is also available.
  • There are no compromises with product quality.
  • Fully gaming website.
  • Unique products are available here.
  • The site is fully protected; there is no issue regarding security.
  • The Payment method available is by PayPal and credit card.
  • For order updates tracking facility available.
  • These consoles are not readily available in the local market.

What are the disadvantages of purchasing from Gamedayspa.com?

  • There is no social media availability.
  • Prices of products are too high.
  • Domain age is too new.
  • The physical address is not found and is misleading.
  • It can collect your device information.

Is Gamedayspa.com Legit or a Scam?

Let us answer this most searched question. There are a few suspicious points: Address is misleading, Domain age is too new, No social media pages and No customer Gamedayspa.com Reviews

Though we have mentioned the suspicious points as above but, since this website too recent, so it is too early to conclude its legitimacy.

Customer’s Thoughts

While exploring the website, there is no social media presence, so it is challenging to find out anything concerning the customer reviews. As we know, this website is too new or recently established; we cannot say anything related to the customer’s thoughts.


Let us conclude these reviews. Though we have mentioned the suspicious points such as misleading address, inactive social media pages, no customer reviews, about this website, but if we consider its domain age for this website then we can say that it is too early to conclude its legitimacy.

We will suggest to you if you are looking forward to purchasing from this website, please first to go through Gamedayspa.com Reviews and analyze sharply.

You can write down all your questions in the query section. We will glad you to answer and will be happy to assist you.

0 thoughts on “Gamedayspa.com Reviews (Dec) Is Gamedayspa Real Or Scam?

  1. This is a fraudulent site . The phone number listed is a non working number and the address is a vacant house for rent in Virginia . I ordered yesterday and never got a confirmation email so tried to contact them only to find out they don’t exist . I have reported to PayPal and can hopefully get my money back …BUYER BEWARE !

  2. Unfortunately, I placed an order through this web site and it wasn’t until I was done, did I realize there is no what to track shipping. The only thing saving me is I paid through PayPal so I will dispute it if nessary. I will update what happens later.

  3. These thieves from China have many web sites that are fake stores with the same telephone number and warehouse address that is bogus.

  4. U.S. Warehouse Address:13208 Huntington Lane Woodbridge, Virginia,US

    Email Address:support@weswitch.online

    Phone:(203) 214-1366 This is the info I got, it’s also a home for sale in Connecticut and a non working phone number, I’m not waiting to file for paypal I am stopping payment now.

  5. What a scam… disputing with paypal right now….these thieves are smart they use unused tracking # to paypal to fulfill payment requirements. Shipping they state is China Post EMS. The seller I was scam from is Best Franchise Store /www.nintendoshop.ningamesltd.com using the same telephone number and warehouse address as mentioned before which is bogus!

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