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Are you aware of the online shop that lets you purchase gaming stuff and consoles? Well, you can get to know it through the content that is mentioned below. Reviews will help the users know about the products available on the site and the quality. Moreover, the site is focused on providing innovation as well as convenience to the customer.

Also, the site is mainly used by users of the United States

What is website?

The site offers a wide range of products quickly, and the users can access these through the portal and get them delivered to your place.

The customers are also very picky while buying the products, so the team makes sure that they meet all the customers’ requirements.

Before the users shop the products, they need to know Is Legit. The users can get a wide range of consoles quickly through the store. The collections of these products are the latest, and the top brands are also featured.

The users will find various colors available in the consoles and that the accessibility and features are also good. The players will find their experience with the game to be unique and very exciting.

The gaming consoles of PS5 and Xbox are also available, familiar, and popular among the players.

To know more about the unique features and the products’ availability, the users should read ahead the Reviews.

What is so unique about website?

The gaming consoles available on the site are of high quality, and the products’ price is also less. The discounts are high, and since the product is top-rated, the customers will love shopping for them.

The consoles are of varying game environments, and while playing these, the users will feel that they are connected to the screen physically.

The triggers are adaptive, and the controls are also of high quality; this helps enhance the users’ play.

We all know that there are many active sites on the internet, and since we are not much aware of the site, it is better to know Is Legit before shopping for the product. Moreover, since the site covers many brands, the users get vast options to select from.

To know about the pros and cons of the products and the site, the users should read ahead and check the critical points.

Specifications of

  • Product: Gaming products and consoles
  • Website:
  • Contact: Not mentioned
  • Domain age: Less than a month
  • Address: Not given
  • Shipping: 7-15 days
  • Returns: Within 40 days
  • Refunds: After returning the product
  • Payments: Discover, Visa, American Express

Pros of shopping from

  • Wide range of gaming products are available
  • Easy accessibility
  • High-quality consoles that make the Gaming experience unique
  • Top brands are featured as per Reviews

Cons of shopping from

  • No reviews are seen on the internet
  • Trust index is low
  • The site is very new

Is the website legit?

The customers need to know that the site is active since February 2021. The site is very fresh and does not have all the details like the address and contact mentioned clearly.

The site’s trust index is not good, and thus we feel that the site is not genuine for shopping the products. It is too early for us to mention it as scam.

Users Reviews:

We find that the site claims to sell consoles as other gaming products online. These products are easily accessible by the United States users, and they can order these to their desired address. But checking the reviews and ratings on the internet, we do not find any such relevance.

It is seen that the site is very fresh and active for less than a month but it has got all five star reviews on official website. This makes the site suspicious, and the users cannot trust a new site for less than a month. Moreover, since there are no reviews on the reliable sites, this further degrades the users’ impression.

Final verdict:

As per our research of the site and the content, we find that the site lacks the genuineness; it does not have any Reviews and ratings for the customers to trust it. The website might need some time to establish. Also, customers should shop from popular sites.

Thus, we would not recommend the users to use it for shopping. 

What sort of gaming products you like? Please, let us know your views on the content in the comments.

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  1. Has anyone been scammed or not? Is there anyone out there who has received the merchandise ordered from this place? And if not please let us know. Yes would like to know because I ordered for my son and hope I have not been scammed.

  2. Someone please get me some accurate information about this company.I have been emailing them for a week with no answer!

      1. Same here. Got an order processing confirmation, but no shipping track. Got email that shipping put off because of weather but no shipping track number.

  3. I mean they’re acting like they have ps5s in stock for $100 under market prices, it sounds like a scam. They’re hard enough to get at $100 above market prices. Can’t be real. The comments on their Facebook ads also seem like fake accounts all talking about how they got them. I don’t believe jt

  4. Don’t you dare block me but I want my money given back too me! Your a fake site and if you don’t give me my money back. Block me and block your site but justice will be served and you can’t run from this. You messed with the wrong person

    1. I ordered mine on the 12th and haven’t heard anything else besides my order was confirmed but no tracking number yet

  5. I ordered since last Wednesday, haven’t gotten nothing yet but I’ll wait a little longer…I’m just here to test the waters myself cause it does look kinda fishy to even buy here. I mean even the people who “got the system” seem A little to old to even playing the system in general xD.


  7. My friend order the Ps5 and is still waiting for a tracking number since she apply for FedEx delivery. Also she check the bank statements and it was saying that the money was withdraw from some kind of church. We send them an email today but I just read that they are not answering to their emails. Will see, next step is the bank. Hope she can get her money back.

  8. Well I guess I shall see I bought the PS5 825GB
    For $419.90 on February 15 I tried emailing them no response before I ordered it I contacted my bank to make sure that I’ll get my money back if I’m burnt They said yes

  9. I ordered mine on the 12th and haven’t heard anything else besides my order was confirmed but no tracking number yet

  10. I ordered and saw that a church in Texas was the recipient. I call Amex and report the scam and in process of getting refund.

  11. No so imma say not to put no money into this site at all if you haven’t yet and if you have, get your money back asap.

  12. Been 10 days since I purchased the PS5 and has yet to come even ordered it with the Fed-Ex shipping as some of you may have as well. Do not buy from this site.! SCAM LIKELY!! No Tracking for packages. Repeat Do Not Buy.! Call your bank for scam.!

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