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GE004 Error Bienestar Azteca (July 2022) Check Details!

GE004 Error Bienestar Azteca, login error, and other issues applicants face while accessing the Benito Juarez app. Here are solutions that will work for you.

Are you encountering an error while using Bienestar Azteca? Do you face trouble while collecting your scholarship? 

The announcement of the National Scholarship Program that was to begin on July 15th brings joy among students. However, many scholars across Mexico report the error when accessing the welfare platform. If you are among them, try some of the solutions we have provided below for GE004 Error Bienestar Azteca.

What errors are people facing?

Some of the common issues beneficiaries of Benito Juarez, upper secondary level, highlighted on the social media channels in recent days are:

  • It is not possible to log in at this time.
  • Something went wrong
  • Account blocked
  • Unable to access the location
  • Update location after activating GPS
  • Gateway error 004, etc.

These problems arose after the Federal Government announced that the beneficiary of the Benito Juarez Universal Welfare Scholarship for higher education would receive $1680($840 per month) as a part of the June-July bimester.

What can you do to solve the GE004 Error Bienestar Azteca?

For geolocation error, consider the following steps to follow:

  • Go to your phone’s settings and then hit the Aztec Welfare app to grant permissions.
  • In the permission section, switch on all the features that the app needs.
  • Next, turn on the GPS of your device.
  • Again, enter the application.
  • Done! doing this will probably solve the GPS error.

For login error:

  • Uninstall the Aztec Welfare app.
  • Install the Aztec Welfare app again. 
  • Also, do not forget to activate GPS before opening the app.
  • Accept all the permissions that the app requires.
  • Enter the user’s name and password to check GE004 Error Bienestar Azteca.
  • You have overcome this error now.

Solutions to other errors 

Blocked account

If “User blocked” at the time of entering the application, then:

You must go to your closest module of the National Coordination of Scholarships for Benito Juárez Welfare to be able to solve it and thus collect the scholarship.

Other problems could be maintenance issues, for which you may have to wait a couple of hours and then log back in.

What is the Azteca Welfare App?

Through this app, people can easily receive the benefits of social programs. But GE004 Error Bienestar Azteca prohibited users from getting the benefits. However, following some simple steps may resolve the issue for them. The money transferred to your account is safe, and you can access it when needed.

How to register in the Bienestar Azteca app?

  • Enter your CURP.
  • Enter all your data.
  • Take a photo to prove your identity.
  • Create your password and confirm your phone number to log in to Bienestar Azteca. 


Receive scholarship benefits faster, easier and safest through the Benito Juarez app. But some users are facing issues like GE004 Error Bienestar Azteca while accessing the app, and we have discussed solutions. You can register here at to get the benefits of the Bienestar Azteca app.

Are you now able to log in to the app? If so, do not forget to mention how you solved it in the comment section below.

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