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General Error Brimo Artinya (Jan 2021) Resolved?

General Error Brimo Artinya (Jan 2021) Resolved? >> This article will reveal the fact of the BRImo login issue and the feasible solving process.  

General Error Brimo Artinya: Are you a BRImo user? Have you faced a login issue in this app?BRImo is another favorite app among the residents of Indonesia. It has been using by millions of Indonesian; however, a bizarre issue has made people completely blanked.Indonesian citizens want to know the reason for this bizarre event. There may be several underlying reasons for this error, as it prevents the user’s login process.

Since it has become necessary to look into this matter and explore the root cause. First, take a look at this app-

General Error Brimo Artinya- BRImo App Overview:

BRImo is the latest Indonesian BRI Digital Financial Application, based on internet data, making it easy for customers to transact with the latest User Interface and User Experience. It includes other exciting features such as online opening accounts, card less cash withdrawals, alias accounts, promo info, log in with fingerprint/ face ID, and account mutations for up to 12 months.

Recently an updated version has been developed and published for providing exclusive features to the BRImo users. According to the developer, the updated version BRImo can complete users’ all the necessary financial needs. Following General Error Brimo Artinya, the updated version includes the following features-

  • Open an Account and Register for Internet Banking without having to come to the Bank.
  • Increased security with a password and PIN.
  • Transactions are faster by using the Fast Menu feature.
  • Manage your finances using the Personal Financial Management (PFM) feature.


  • The app has been built up for iOS and Android users.
  • The size is 55mb.
  • PT bank Rakyot is the main developer.
  • It is under the Finance genre.
  • The current updated version is 2.1.0.
  • Users can install this app on their mobile device, which has Android version 6.0 or up.

General Error Brimo Artinya:

This online financial platform recently got updated, including several latest features that can ease people’s financial needs. However, people have stated that the app had become entirely inaccessible after the update.People are annoyed with this problem and said it was completely accessible in the earlier version, but they could not log in to this platform after updating the app.Whenever they were trying to log in, an error popped up mentioning ‘General Error.’

Reason and Resolve

As per the sources, this error occurs due to system maintenance or an increase in service quality. Following General Error Brimo Artinya, since the app developers are increasing their service, Indonesia users are told to keep patience and try to login after some time.


BRImo is the most adapted online financial platform, suddenly receives user’s ire due to login error. In accordance with the fact the system maintenance, the error is appearing. BRImo users can try to login after a few minutes or hours.If you are still receiving the error, you can temporarily use BRImo web from the smartphone or PC. Access the web until the issue has been resolved.

If you have anything to say or any query about General Error Brimo Artinya, do not hesitate to mention it. Please convey your message in the comment box.

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