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General Error Brimo {Jan 2021} Read-Resolve The Error!

General Error Brimo {Jan 2021} Read-Resolve The Error! >> Are you facing trouble with net banking? Please read article to know more about it & how to fix.

Are you a net banking user? Have you heard about General Error Brimo?

There were times where people had to visit a bank frequently, May it is for depositing or withdrawing cash. But now with everything going online banks have also gone online by introducing the net banking system.

Net banking saves your time and is very convenient for the youth, but somewhere older people and remote areas lack these services.

Here we will discuss a net banking app developed and for the people of Indonesia and what problems they are facing with it.

Let us know more!

about the app and error; General Error Brimo

The largest bank in Indonesia develops Brimo app to continue with their banking activities online. The application is similar to any other net banking apps and is very easy to use.

BRI, better known as Bank Rakyat Indonesia, has this application introduced to their customers and has vast features for them to use.

Some of the users currently face some issues with the app and are trying to figure out what is going wrong. Here we will list some of the reasons the users are complaining about.

Let’s get into it.

What is General Error Brimo?

Following are the issues and the causes;

  • Issue saying the application has stopped; this error happens when the user’s phone version is not supporting the app, here the phone needs to be updated to the latest version.
  • Disconnected with the application; here, either the app is currently undergoing some changes or the internet is not connected.
  • The username and password are blocked; this occurs when the user has entered a wrong password or username more than three times in a row. The password will have to reset via the online website or by visiting the bank.
  • OTP code not found; as per Aplikasi Brimo Error while registering OTP is the most critical code needed as with this only further process begins. If OTP is not received, then check your network connection or balance.
  • Balance cannot be checked; this error occurs due to a glitch in the internet connection, or the bank’s servers may be down.

Are errors common?

Yes, any online application or website has errors and glitches due to the internet issues from both the parties. Net banking errors can be solved by logging in and out or merely waiting for a few minutes.

Let’s head towards the conclusion.


The users are currently facing Aplikasi Brimo Error, and errors are widespread in net banking apps. These errors can be fixed quickly, and there are no permanent solutions for them.

Users can visit the bank if the errors keep on happening frequently and update the device they are using to the latest version.

The users of this application are also requested to try logging in and out of the app.

Readers, please mention your thoughts in the comment section below. Also, let us know the most common issue you face with a net banking application.

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