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Georgia Stones Blown Up {July} What Explosion Happened?

Read information about Georgia Stones Blown Up, cleared off the ground for safety reasons, its history, and inscriptions.

Are you aware that Georgia Guidestones had to be demolished for security reasons as it was extensively damaged? Are you interested to know what the Georgia Guidestones are? What is written on the Guidestones? People in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom want to know who blew up the Guidestones? 

In this article, we will look at the incident and history of Guidestones. Let’s check more about Georgia Stones Blown Up.

Timeline of the explosion:

The residents living near the Guidestones reported hearing the massive sound of an explosion. On Wednesday, 6th July 2022, at approximately 4:00 AM, the residents were worried about the sound they heard and immediately reported it to the police.

It was discovered that one of the pillars of the Guidestones was completely damaged and fell into pieces. At the same time, the other four pillars were significantly damaged. Georgia Bureau of Investigations found that the damage resulted from an explosive device intentionally detonated at the Guidestones.

What Are the Georgia Guidestones?

The Guidestones were erected vertically with four wide pillars and a narrow middle pillar supporting a flat slab of stone on them. The four wide pillars had guidelines for good governance written in eight modern languages. The narrow pillar did not have any inscriptions. 

The Guidestones were built in 1980 at the request of Robert C. Christian, who represented a small group of loyal Americans who sponsored the construction. The Guidestones were built to serve as a clock, compass, and calendar. As days passed, rumors spread that it was an evil structure, some energy field was experienced near it, blue orbs circulating the structure, Etc.

What Are Georgia Guidestones investigations results?

The Elbert County Sheriffs are working on the case. The initial investigation from footage from CCTV camera showed a car passing by after the explosion. The area near the Guidestones consists of a garden and small plants, giving a good view of the Guidestones from a distance and the road. A see-through iron mesh surrounds the area.

Hence, there is no scope to set up surveillance cameras in the proximity of Guidestones. Henceforth, the sheriffs are yet to identify the responsible person who had planted an explosive at the Guidestones. 

What Georgia Stated?

These rumors also trended as the Georgia Guidestones Say that maintaining a human population under 500 million; guiding reproduction wisely; Rule faith, traditions, and passion; balancing personal rights with social duties, and leaving room for nature. These Guidelines were viewed as a sign of global genocide.


Guidestones stood as a historical monument and included guidelines to unite humanity, protect people and nations, avoid useless officials and petty laws, prize truth and seek harmony, resolve external disputes in an international court, and support fair laws. It was built to represent the feelings of a group of loyal Americans. Unfortunately, it was bulldozed today due to extensive damage and safety reasons.

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