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Getguardwell com Reviews [Nov] – Is This Authentic or a Scam?

Getguardwell com Reviews 2020

Getguardwell com Reviews [Nov] – Is This Authentic or a Scam? -> In this article, we learned about the Full Face coverage protector.

Are you looking for a full-face protector? Let’s look into some Getguardwell com Reviews.

There is a new product getting the attention of customers from the United Stateand they have tried and gave some insightful reviews about Full-Face Protector. 

People say that your health is the biggest treasure you have in your life, and to protect yourself from germs and deadly viruses, the Face Protector is the need of the hour. 

You cannot always stay indoors in fear of getting infected or having any disease. We have to go out to do our daily chores or to go the work to earn our livelihood. has provided us with a simple solution to our problems. Let’s check out how their products can help us.

What is comes up with the Full Face Protector to protect you from dust, germs and other pathogens.  

The features of their products are quite impressive. They have kept even the little things in mind. They crafted the products so nicely that it also covered the smallest difficulty factor a person could face.

Some of the features and benefits of the Face protectors are 5-fit long, no-slip, lightweight, thermal regulated, bacteria control, reusable, washable, etc.

Why is unique? 

The products present on the website are the need of the hour. The product was very durable and of good quality.

The production of e products has made professionally made the raw material chosen with excellent efficiency. The website seemed legit and precise in terms of information and clearly.

They have various combo offers on their website at a reasonable price. The offers are valid on each product without any condition or quality of the products. 

Specifications of

  • Product Type: Full Face coverage Masks. 
  • Website Link:
  • Email Address:
  • Address: 400 Returns Rd Wallingford, CT 06494
  • Contact Number:  1-800-349-3082 
  • Delivery Time: 30 Days. 
  • Shipping Fee: Not Clear. 
  • Return / Exchange: Available. 
  • Refund: Available. 
  • Mode of Payment: Online Payments Only. 

Pros of

  • Best Quality.
  • Secure browsing environment. 
  • 30 Day return policy.
  • Clear contact information. 

Cons of

  • Long delivery time.
  • Cash on delivery not available. 
  • Few online reviews.

What is customer feedback on

Looking into the online reviews of, we found the customers are loving their product and appreciating the quality of products too.

The customers were not happy with the slow delivery time, and they said that the long period let them lose their trust on the website. 

There were few negative comments on the customer care services of the website, which says that even after contacting them several times, there was no response from the staff.

The website claims that they have a 30-day money return policy so that the customers can get a refund if they are not satisfied with the product. 

The products are durable and can reuse after washing. The product has comfortable wash quality so that you do not have to take extra care of the product.  

The website has all the terms and conditions mentioned in a clear and precise manner as well.

Technically speaking, since the website is new, the trust index is quite low, and the traffic on the site is little too. 

Overall the reviews were quite positive and helpful for us to analyze the quality of the product.

Final Verdict:

In the final verdict, we would like to state that the product has received an enormous amount of overwhelming reviews.

There were some negative reviews on the customer care services because of their slow response time, and also the majority of times, the phone line was busy when called. 

The website follows the TLS network protocol for safe browsing and helps you to have a secure transaction. 

The 30-day return policy is applaudable, and we would like to say that it was a plus point in the authenticity of the website.

The website has a fantastic idea to safeguard your health at such a high price. The price are beyond amazing; imagine getting a combo of products at such a low product. 

The website and its staff have kept your comfort their first and foremost priority so that they can give you their best services. 

They also have worldwide shipping so that you can order their product from anywhere. But our only concern was even a longer delivery time to provide you with the product than the maximum mentioned time on site.

We would like to appreciate their product quality and idea. 


  1. What a BULLSHIT question and answer page. I have seen many other Chinese websites that spoke better whole sentences without so many bad grammatical errors. This is a SCAM 😡

  2. Did not find or get any information on the specifications for the masks like the size of pathogens or viruses that are blocked.
    what is the N ratings, example, N95 Masks blocks up to 95% of bacteria in, pathogens, or/and virus .
    What’s the N-rating of these masks

    1. Thanks to showing your interest here… To know more about mask quality and use then go for a website and read further information about… thank you…

  3. The delivery time was long. But now that we have received our masks… I must say that my husband and I are very satisfied. The mask is thin and breathable, yet durable. Happy with ours!!

  4. It has been almost 3 weeks since I placed my order and have not heard one thing from guardwell.. Getting discouraged . Would like at least an update once in a while.

  5. Order a 6pk and they only sent one single mask….now they say it will be another 4 weeks to get my order….quality is good but customer service sucks. For a company that charges you up front for the product and then screws up they should put more effort in fixing their issue.

  6. Only comment I have is they are made in China. If I had known ahead of time I would not have ordered. Buy American or even Taiwan instead of China. Your choice but just saying. These masks are for sun protection more than covid 19

  7. sending mine back. Had no idea they were from China where the virus came from. They should be held accountable, not given money for their so called virus protecting face coverings.

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