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What is among Us? Would you all prefer to know the answer to this question? If so, then read this blog till the finish to reap about it.

Furthermore, many audiences and new players of the United Kingdom, United States, and India were questioning these phrases.

Are you too looking out for these phrases’ meaning? Curb the article down to the conclusion.

What does the term mean?

Among Us, players used it in their chatbox, as a formal acronym, which means “good game.” Furthermore, as per Nerds Chat, GG has been around since the conception of multiplayer gaming, and gamers affirm this catchword that is- among Us to indicate a session’s termination and dole out cheering.

Some other terms used in the game:

Players might see AFK in-game; its abbreviation is away from the keyboard, which implies the player has walked out from the game for a while. 

Besides another term, which gamers generally use in this video game, i.e., SUS, members say this to signify “suspicious behavior.” 

Brief on Among Us

It is a social deduction online multiplayer video pastime for Windows, iOS, and Android introduced by InnerSloth. 

In this video game, opponents play as either crewmates or imposters, with the former faction striving to complete the task; as per among Us reviews, the latter tries to root out/ kill the crew members.

Some Facts about this Game

1.) This video game was launched in 2018 and developed by a clan of 3 members (Amy Liu, Forest Willard, and Marcus Bromande) and introduced by InnerSloth.

2.) More than 85 million gamers have downloaded this game so far.

3.) This game got famous in 2020 because of You Tubers sharing their videos while playing the Twitch Streamers.

4.) The merchandise got so popular that they were; sold out within weeks.

5.) Gamers can download this video game to PC at the cost of 5 dollars.

Players among Us Reviews

Meanwhile, finding out what players have written about this game, we found that so many people have reported good comments:

Many people wrote that this is the best game they have ever played and would recommend others, and they also like the fact that gamers can also chat with others while playing this game.

However, some people had issues playing this game and shared that while creating the room or entering the room, the pastime freezes, and the servers are sometimes too buggy.

Overall this particular game has earned so much popularity and rated 4.4 stars on the Google play store.

The End for among Us

In the end, we concluded that these are only terms/phrases that are used in the video-game chat box, in short, to keep the conversation short too.

What other short phrases you all use while playing this game? Please inform us in the provided comment box.

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