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Giant Hoodies Review {Jan} Is It the legit Business?

Giant Hoodies Review 2021

Giant Hoodies Review {Jan} Is It the legit Business? -> This content would let you know about the online clothes, which one can buy anywhere across the world.

Do you love wearing hoodies in college? Are you looking for a website to supply quality clothes? If yes, 

The website offers a great collection of clothes like Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Shirts, Accessories, and jogging pants. The collection of clothes looks elegant and soothing for a newcomer interested in buying anything from the website.

The color combination of all clothes looks terrific, and the showcasing of models wearing the clothes is colorful. 

The company website is offering its services in the United States and also provides worldwide shipping. 

There are many things to know about, so it is crucial to keep reading the article till the very end to learn more about the company and  Giant Hoodies Review.

What is

An online e-commerce website is offering a collection of modern clothes for everyone. The clothes sold on the website are not for ordinary people. The clothes are for standard people who like wearing exclusive garments, and the prices are higher. 

The website company has a colorful collection of clothes for all age groups and accessories as well. 

The company is also available on the third-party website and has recieved good reviews on the third-party website.

Interested buyer has to keep reading the article until the very end to understand the online website presence and its Giant Hoodies Review for your safety.

Specification of

  • Type of website: An online website selling elegant hoodies and other clothes
  • Mode of payment: Shoppay, google pay, PayPal, skrill, American Express, Mastercard, maestro 
  • Shipping duration: 2-4 business days
  • Shipping rates: Shipping rates get calculated at the checkout.
  • Cancellation of order: 
  • Company physical address: No physical address mentioned
  • Company contact number: No contact number mentioned
  • Company email address:

Pros of shopping from

  • The website provides worldwide shipping
  • Social handle links are active on the website.
  • Domain ages is active for more than one year
  • Giant Hoodies Review are positive online
  • The website has a strong social media presence.
  • Great collection of clothes & accessories on the website.

Cons of shopping from

  •   No physical address & contact number shared.
  •   Currency issue on the website as Indian currency only available
  •   No third-party reviews are available online.
  •   All five-star reviews given for the products is a concern.
  •   No information about the exchange, refund shared on the website.
  •  The website is suspicious as the currency change does not happen with country change. 

Is Giant Hoodies Legit or not?

After going through the SSL certificate, domain age of one year and one seventy-seven day, Social links active on the website, strong social media presence. The website is legitimate, but there are many things to be suspicious of the website.

The website has all five-star reviews available on the website. The payment mode of the currency is always Indian, irrespective of the country change. So anyone has to make the payment in Indian rupees only and no other money to make payment.

The company also does not have any contact us page on the website to reach out to them for any support needed. 

What are Giant Hoodies Review?

The website company has an SSL certificate, domain age of one year, and one seventy-seven day; social links are very active on the website itself, strong social media presence online makes it a trustable website. 

But there are some concerns on the website as the website has all five-star reviews given from the customers purchasing the products.

The return policy, shipping, and refund links are not present on the website’s homepage but found under its product link is a concern for buyers.

The website’s founders’ details are missing on the website, not shared on the website. 

So to answer the question – Is Giant Hoodies Legit or not. It is a mixed reviews website, and the interested buyer has to do their part of the research for their safety.

Final Verdict

As per the website’s analysis, it is clear that the site is suspicious from the buyer’s point of view. The website does not share an office address or contact number on the website. The details of the owner are also not shared. 

There are all five-star reviews given on the website by the end-user. Currency issue on the website as it is only offering Indian currency for any transaction. 

Everyone should do their part of the research and look for Giant Hoodies Review before making any purchase from the website.

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