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Giftsrez com Reviews [June] Is it a Legit Site or Not?

Giftsrez com Reviews 2020

Giftsrez com Reviews [June] Is it a Legit Site or Not? -> In the above article, you read about a website dealing in products suitable for every age.

We all have heard of online websites being a scam. With growing online businesses, these scams are also increasing at the same pace. It is thus essential to be aware of them and go through the website well before making any transactions from the same.

In this article, you’ll read about Reviews. Websites are showing up with unique ideas, be it in the form of new designs or appealing webpages, to leave an impression on its buyers. is also amongst them. This is an online store dealing with products for every age. the categories may include clothing, accessories for kids, and many other things. The website is launched in the United States and has an appealing webpage that may help attract customers.

But an appealing webpage is not just enough to claim the authenticity of the website. Below are some points which may clear your queries regarding the site, so that you can easily conclude whether to place an order from the same or not.

What is is an online website dealing with products for every age. The site offers varieties in clothing for men and women both, kids accessories which may further include prams, crib, floor sets, and other things as well.

Along with the options of so many categories, the website offers exclusive discount deals for its buyers. You can get up to 70% off on authentic designer brands, as mentioned on the webpage. Also, each product is adequately labeled with product description along with the age for which it is suitable. 

Specifications of

  • Website: Deals in products suitable for every age.
  • Email:
  • Address: 406, Rollingwood St, Baytown, 77520 USA
  • Contact Number: (669) 266-1912
  • Shipping Time: 4-8 Business Days
  • Shipping Cost: Chargeable according to the location.
  • Delivery: 8-10 Business Days.
  • Returns/Exchange: Within 3 Days from the date of receipt.
  • Refund: Initiated within a few days after the product has been picked.
  • Cancellation: Within 24 hours of order placement.
  • Mode of Payment: PayPal, Debit, and Credit card.

Benefits of

  • Products in different categories are available.
  • Fast delivery option available.
  • Products can be grabbed at discounted prices.
  • Every product comes with proper labeling of how to use it.

Cons of

  • The website does not allow COD.
  • Links mentioned on the website are inaccessible.
  • The site is operated from a name different from the mail id.
  • Shipping charges to be bearded by the customers during returns or exchange.
  • The website does not support the Home page link.

Is the website legit? has many drawbacks on its webpage, which need to be looked after for smooth order placements form its buyers. Firstly, the home page is not accessible on the website. It directs you nowhere when clicked.

This needs to be sorted as this is one of the main aspects which can prove the website a scam. The site also offers a massive discount on its fresh stock. This increases the availability of the stock at lower prices. Also, there are scarce online websites that deal with products for every age. They are mostly specialized either in a single category or in a specified age group. This is, thus, not the same with

The website has also not specified its returns and refund policies. This arouses a second thought in the buyer’s mind while placing the order. All the above points can also be considered favorable in terms of this website being a scam. 

Customer Reviews on

The webpage has not mentioned customer reviews.  Some of them found online are briefed below for your clarity, whether the website is a safe stop to shop from or not.

Customers have complained that the links mentioned on the webpage are inaccessible and directs nowhere. The website does not support the home page. Also, prices mentioned on the webpage differ when applied to checkout. And, shipping charges are even more as compared to the other websites.

Some customers also mentioned that the images used for reference to the products are copied and can be viewed on the other websites, and the same product can be grabbed form the other sites at a lower price.

 Final Verdict:

After exploring the website well, and after checking it on the other platforms, we can conclude that this website can be a scam. We thus recommend you to go through the website thoroughly before placing an order from the same.


  1. Definitely a scam! I foolishly purchased a coffee maker on Immediately I received an order confirmation email but that’s it. No shipping confirmation, no coffee maker, just money taken from me with no way to get in touch with anyone regarding the issue. STAY AWAY

  2. Not a valid website! I purchased a picture scanner from a few days ago. I did not hear back from the company. I tried the phone number and it was disconnected. I called my credit card company to dispute the charge. They said the $244 charge was made to Alice’s Restaurant for food purchases, not Giftsrez for my scanner.

  3. Damn. They got me too. When I dug deeper in to the terms of use on the Giftsrez website, I realized they contained all sorts of discrepancies. Policies mentioning hours in all three time zones, the address used is on Zillow in a residential neighborhood, return policies stating that “since all items are made to order” but no items on their site are made to order, information about how their membership policies, but there is no membership. It seems obvious (now in hindsight) that they cut and paste the policies from other stores.

  4. They got me too. My purchase was only $35. I should have done more research before ordering. I sent an email because I never got a confirmation email after ordering. This web site has to be stopped.

    1. Try to jump on the direct official website and drop your query for all information about website authenticity… thanks for being in touch..

  5. So I checked my bank account and the name Danilo Giron was the recipient of my money. Doing a little more research and I found out that he now lives in Marrero, LA.

    1. Do not disappoint if you are not in right track visit the official website for complete information and be satisfy…thank you…

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