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Gleam Eyes Anime Fighting Simulator (Aug) What Is It

Gleam Eyes Anime Fighting Simulator 2021

Gleam Eyes Anime Fighting Simulator (Aug) What Is It? >> This article informs about a boss character on a gaming platform. Read to know all.

Do you want to know more about the characters in Anime Fighting Simulator? Are you confused about the blue-eyed demon on the 74th floor? Do not worry; we have got you covered about everything you need to know about the Gleam Eyes Anime Fighting Simulator or the Blue-eyed demon character of the 74th floor.

This character has been a huge trend in the United States, especially due to its tough appearance and even tougher abilities, making this boss character very difficult to defeat.

What is Anime Fighting Simulator?

It is a game possessed by BlockZone studio, made by MarmDev, and presently coordinated by Nyxun. Made on October fourth, 2019, Anime Simulator is a preparation game roused by various mainstream Anime shows. Train your body and brain to turn into the most grounded contender. Gleam Eyes Anime Fighting Simulator can be found in the game as a “Boss Level Character.” Open blades and forces to overcome your enemies. Investigate the guide to sharpen your force. The world is open for you to conquer and upgrade. This Fighting Simulator enables its players through a simulator to play as their favourite Anime Characters as Solo or Team-Up. The players can conquer against other Anime Characters from different universes and unlock powers, abilities, and rewards. The Fighting Simulator has been very popular not only amongst Anime Lovers but gamers from everywhere.

What is Gleam Eyes Anime Fighting Simulator?

Hailing from Aincrad Manga Stage.001 initially, the person originally showed up in the clever version Volume 1, Chapter 9. The person was the supervisor of the 74th Floor in Sword Art Online. The principal devil type manager displayed in the story making it extremely mainstream in the United States, and the solitary realized supervisor that was crushed without a system meeting, with the Black Swordsman, Kirito, overcoming it utilizing Dual Blades.


It was a wicked beast with muscles tighter than ropes undulating up its transcending structure. The skin was dark blue, having eyes glimmered with a similar blue-white tone, coordinating with the colour of the flares in its manager room. Gleam Eyes Anime Fighting Simulator has a head resting on its muscular chest, of a goat’s as opposed to a human’s, and had an extended nose and thick, contorted horns extending in reverse from the sides of its head. The lower half of its body has inhuman, and longer legs were shrouded in long, naval force hair. Its fundamental weapon was a similarly gigantic sharp edge that resembled a zanbato.


Its fundamental weapon was an enormous Zanbato Sword; it can shoot purple energy circles from its mouth. However, it has never used its snake tail in a battle.


Gleam Eyes Anime Fighting Simulator has become a huge fan-favourite amongst the players and rightly so because of its challenging abilities and superb graphics and entertainment. But, if you want to conquer this boss by purchasing abilities, remember that Not all Robux Generators are Safe!

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