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Glock Wordle {June 2022} Find The Precise Answer Here!

This article on Glock Wordle will update our readers with yesterday’s answer to Wordle’s hint and the reason for the term ‘Glock’ trending so much.

Are you also a big fan of Wordle? Do you also wait for Wordle’s puzzles and their answers daily? Don’t worry; your wait is now over. We are here to fill you in with the details of yesterday’s Wordle. This new word game is popular in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States, and India.

If you played yesterday’s Glock Wordle and are eager to identify its answer, we’re here to help. For more knowledge on Wordle, please continue reading the entire article.

What is Today’s Answer?

Wordle is a word puzzle game that has become a part of people’s day-to-day lives. People look forward to solving puzzles daily. Unfortunately, yesterday’s puzzle was a bit complex in that the only hint people had was that the word starts with ‘GL’.

People thought the word was GLOCK. However, the accurate word wasn’t GLOCK. So instead, the answer to Wordle’s Clue 352 (June 6) is GLOOM.

Why was Glock Game trending?

The wordle puzzle of June 6 was a bit difficult. The only hint given to people was that the five-letter word starts with ‘G’ and the second alphabet is ‘L’. A majority of people thought that the word was Glock. This is because Glock, by definition, means a certain kind of pistol, which was named after its Austrian manufacturer, Gaston Glock. It is an uncommon word.

However, as we now know that the correct term wasn’t Glock but Gloom. Gloom denotes to the dullness of spirits.

Congratulations to everyone who guessed it right!

Some Other Words Related to Wordle’s Clue

We told you about the Glock Definition and Wordle’s today’s answer in the previous section. In this part of the post, we’ll talk about some different words that may be asked in further Wordle puzzles. These words are:

  • Globe
  • Gloam
  • Glope
  • Glore
  • Gloss
  • Gloop
  • Glove
  • Glowy
  • Glory
  • Glows
  • Gloze
  • Glomp
  • Glost
  • Glout

Some of the five-letter words starting with ‘GL’ are:

  • Glare
  • Glass
  • Glams
  • Glaze
  • Glazy
  • Gleam
  • Glean
  • Glued
  • Glute

These are some related words that may prove valuable to you in word games, especially Wordle. The words given above have their starting alphabets common with the Glock Wordle. We attempted to elucidate why the keyword Glock was searched so frequently and what it meant. If you are a big fan of word games, be it Wordle or any other word game, these words might be helpful for you. 


The answer to yesterday’s Wordle hint was revealed in today’s article. We also put efforts to come up with more words linked to the hint so that you might use them further in your word puzzle games. Kindly see this link for more information on today’s Wordle clues.  

Are you satisfied with the answer shared? In the comment section, we’d like to know if you like today’s post on Glock Wordle. 

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