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Gmanetwork Com News Eleksyon 2022 {May} Find Voting List

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The article will give you all the necessary details about Gmanetwork com News Eleksyon 2022. Read to know more.

Do you know who is leading in the Philippines election in 2022? If not, then here we have all the details regarding the 2022 election. On 9 May 2022, citizens of the country voted for their favorable president. The GMA online news has declared the unofficial and partial count for vice president and president.

Let’s begin the article to know more about Gmanetwork com News Eleksyon 2022

Who won Election news 2022?

The election was held on 9 May 2022. Millions of the Philippines came to vote for their favorable candidate. Over 1.6 million Philippiners working overseas started voting on 10 April for national candidates. As per GMA news, Ferdinand Marcos Jr is leading the presidential race, and Sara Duterte is leading the vice presidential race.

These leads are declared based on unofficial and partial vote counts shown in Comelec server Transparency. Bongbong Marcos from the PFP party has received 30,878,774, and Sara Duterte from the LAKAS CMD party has received 31,306,723 votes.

Voting list Gmanetwork Election 2022

The leading leaders of the election in 2022 are mentioned in the above paragraph. Below is the list of the top 5 candidates voted for president and vice president as per the GMA network.


  1. Bongbong Marcos from the PFP party received 30,878,774 votes.
  2. Leni Robredo from the IND party received 14,730,889 votes.
  3. Manny Pacquiao of the Promdi party received 36,05,065 votes.
  4. Isko Moreno of  Aksyon party received 1,874,232 votes.
  5. Ping Lacson from the IND party  received 87,80 21 votes.

Vice president

  1. Sara Duterte from LAKAS CMD party received 31,306,726 votes.
  2. As of Gmanetwork com News Eleksyon 2022, Kiko Pangilinan from LP party has received 9173426 votes.
  3. Tito Sotto from the NPC party received 8148775 votes.
  4. Willis Ong from the Aksyon party received 1832713 votes.
  5. Lito Atienza from the Promdi party received 265507 votes.

More about the election 2022

The 2022 election is the sixteenth vice-presidential election and seventeen direct presidential elections since 1935. Candidates from various parties have stood in the election. The list of candidates was released on 25 January 2022.

As per the unofficial count, Bongbong Marcos(Ferdinand Marcos Jr.) Is the front runner with 58.8% votes. As per Gmanetwork com News Eleksyon 2022, the voting session began on 9 may and closed at 7 pm on the same day. The voting list of candidates is mentioned in the following post. 


The unofficial count list is presented in this article. Bongbong Marcos from the PFP party is leading in presidential votes, and Sara Duterte from the LAKAS CMD party leads in the vice-presidential election. The in-depth details about the 2022 election are mentioned in this article. You can visit this link to know more about the election.

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