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Gnosia Metacritic {March 2021} Excited For New Game!

Gnosia Metacritic {March 2021} Excited For New Game! >> This article is for all the game fanatics who will get all the details on new social deduction game.

Last year, mostly RPG and multi-player games like Among Us grew to the threshold of success. Similarly, a game has emerged, about which we will know in this Gnosia Metacritic review. 

Gnosia is a sci-fi social deduction game that has the same concept as the Among Us. But it differs in its story, which becomes more complicated in later stages. 

This game got released on Nintendo Switch on Thursday, and players from the United States are pretty much excited to know every detail of it. Let’s get started.

What is the game?

In this game, Gnosia is a danger to every crew member present on a drifting away spaceship

But no one knows who the enemy is. To eliminate this threat, they would have to put the most suspicious to “cold sleep” one by one. 

Gnosia Metacritic ratings and reviews: 

Metacritic is a platform where you can get reviews about books, films, series, music albums, and games. 

Talking about the RPG game, it released on Nintendo Switch on 4th March 2021, Thursday. Before, it was released in Japan for the PlayStation Vita in 2020. 

Metacritic has received only one critic review, so the game is not being scored by the company. A player with the username GameSkinny has written a positive comment about it. 

For the player, it’s a fantastic game if you can handle some repetitiveness. It shows exciting characters with robust gameplay mechanics. The end of the game is the most heartfelt one. 

Gnosia Metacritic and Among Us game comparison

While Among Us is a social deduction game looking for an Impostor, Gnosia sets itself apart with time loops. It’s a single-player RPG where you give your character a name, icon, and gender. There’s a non-binary option too. 

Crew members got infected by an alien community Gnos. You have to determine the enemy and place them to cryosleep to save others. 

You have five rounds, and at the end of it, every member will unanimously vote on who will go to sleep. It will repeat in a loop until the ship finds the villain. Don’t let the antagonist be equal or outnumber you. 

People’s response to it

After looking to Gnosia Metacritic, we move to YouTube to get the most genuine reactions of players. As expected, many players have updated their YouTube channels about its release on Nintendo Switch. 

In the comment section, players from the United States and the United Kingdom sees the game as the Zero scape/Danganronpa VN genre and Zero Escape.  

They think it would be intriguing and fun to play. Some are waiting for Gnosia memes to take over Among Us memes. 

Bottom Line 

Here, everything boils down to one fact, and that is something new and fun to play. The horror/mystery story of the game may keep the players intact to their seats. 

So, let’s wait for more weeks to see Gnosia Metacritic reviews, as many folks have yet to know regarding its launching. 

What’s your favorite game? You can share your point of view on it in the comment box.  

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