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Gold Or Silver Johto Pokemon Go {Feb} Check More Here!

Gaming Tips Gold Or Silver Johto Pokemon Go
Gold or Silver Johto Pokemon Go is an absorbing, challenging, and safe game that keeps one alert. So, for more entertainment, explore it more in this article.

Do you want to be safe or sorry? You want to be safe, especially when it involves your children.

The original Pokemon Go; was created in the mid-90s. It has a new concept; that involves traveling to different locations and playing from there. 

This game is popular Worldwide, as one needs to break world records to become the champion. 

However, when you play the Gold or Silver Johto Pokemon Go game, you do not need to travel to the location- a memory card is enough. So, it becomes safe.

Now, let us move on to and elaborate it further.

Why are the gold and silver versions safe for children?

These versions are safe as children do not need to go physically to far-off locations, out of their houses. This game is very involving, and little children can get engaged in the game. They are so involved in it that they do not pay attention; to their surroundings.

That is a tough one, as if a child is unaware of people or cars around them, the child may have an accident.

Therefore, Gold or Silver Johto Pokemon Go avails to play; safely from home. You can use a memory card and play as excitedly as if you were at the location.

Background Of Pokemon

Pokemon is owned by Nintendo Japanese Company that has its franchise. 

Pokemon is a mix of the two words pocket and monster. 

There are unbelievable characters in the game known as Pokemon. These characters have to be shot down and caught by humans, which are known as Pokemon Trainers. 

They capture the fictional characters and train them to battle with each other.

Gold or Silver Johto Pokemon Go 

This version of Pokemon Go has introduced new characters and has given this new title.

Pokemon has graduated from a TV show, trading cards, toys, comics to a venue-based game in smartphones.

It has brought familiar, animated, fictional Pokemon characters into the real world.

Children above 13 can sign up for it, and if they are younger than their parents can sign up for them.

Fictional Characters in the Game

The characters in this game are fictional. They have lifted from the original TV show. However, many new characters are introduced here for excitement.

Some characters; involved in Gold or Silver Johto Pokemon Go are Quilava, Bayleef, Totodile, Croconaw, Spearow, Rattat, etc. 

There are 251 characters in Generation II and 256 characters in Generation IV.

The legendary and elite fictional characters are tough to deal with and capture. 


This game is a smartphone app that is free and popular. Originally, this game is required for children to go to real-life locations. So, many parents are worried about the safety of their children. 

However, now this game is possible to play at home, and parents are stress-free of their child’s safety. 

It is the difference that Gold or Silver Johto Pokemon Go has brought about.

Does it give you an adrenaline rush?

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