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Golden Experience Aut (Sep 2021) Appearance & Abilities!

The guide shares details about the Golden Experience Aut stand available in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure game.  

A Universal Time or AUT is the JoJo game on the Roblox platform, created and owned by Universe Time Studio. The adventure game is based on Araki’s JoJo Bizzare Adventure, Manga Series/Sequence, and more. The gameplay involves combating enemies, farming for collectables, and more. People in the United States love playing the game.  

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Game has included a new meme stand called Golden Experience. It is the humanoid stand of slim build with average height, like the Giorno. The Golden Experience Aut is the meme stand owned by Giorno Giovanna, and it is revealed first in JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure.

What is Golden Experience in AUT?

Golden Experience is the strongest and powerful canon or meme stand owned by Giorno Giovanna. The stand made its first appearance in JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure: Golden Wind. It can reverse actions called the “Return to Zero.” It is quite a popular term for memes. 

The stand is the upgraded version of the Gold Experience, also referred to as Requiem Version by many players in the United States. The stand can beat Tusk Act 4 if players are skilled in it. 

What are the Abilities of Golden Experience Aut?

Golden Experience is the meme stand of Giono, the chief protagonist in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Golden Wind. It is the close-range stand with many abilities. 

The stand can give life or heal the user or someone in the game. Since the stand can hover rapidly on the ground, players can beat any stand with slow walk speed or no transportation moves. It also has other abilities that players can check while playing the game with Golden Experience Aut.    

How Does Golden Experience Look Like?

Golden Experience is the humanoid stand in golden color. It has some brown parts on the upper hand and purpose on both the knees and sides of the chests. The humanoid stand has a slim build with average height. 

The stand’s head resembles the typical helmet of soldiers with a curved mark like the letter “J” that comes down from the sides of both eyes. The stand is designed with stylized wings on the shoulders and comprises giant ladybugs across the body. The design resembles the emblems available on Giorno’s design.    

The scarab beetle inspires the Golden Experience Aut design, and it symbolizes the regeneration of the ladybugs, and the angel wings represent the symbol of peace. The stand also wears a sling that looks like the suspenders on the DIO’s pants.  


A Universal Time is the virtual game with a huge fan base worldwide. Players can now unlock the new canon stand in the fifth series of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind. The canon stand has many abilities to reverse the actions, and you can unlock it in the game. 

The Golden Experience Aut is used widely by players to heal and give life to someone in the game. But, unfortunately, it also has enormous damage for the opponents.     

So, get your stand today in the game. Have you got it? Then, please share your experiences with the stand in the comments section.

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