Top 5 Reasons to Set Up Google Analytics to Track Your Website

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Currently, there are almost 2 billion websites on the Internet, and this number is growing by the minute. To make your webpage stand out over the others, you have to do a lot of work. However, fortunately, the digital world also offers you numerous ‘helpers’ to manage your site work. Google Analytics is one of those helpers. Here are the top five reasons to set up Google Analytics to track your website. 

First and foremost, you better learn how people learn about your site and what brings them there. Quite literally. You need to know how users appear on your site. Is it an organic search? Advertisement? Links in social media? What is it, and how did these people happen to be here? Google Analytics can provide you with all the essential data in this regard. 

This data should help you build the appropriate strategies for exposing your site to the masses. For instance, you learn which one of your marketing moves works the best and put more funds into it, leaving some of the failing strategies for good. The current competition online is ruthless. You need to step up to even get noticed, not to mention to win people over. So, Google Analytics can help you start here. 

  • You learn what people do on your site 

Having people visit your site is one thing. Making them stay there and show some activity is a whole different story. Where do they go from the first page? Do they click on anything? What caught their interest first? How long do they stay? Google Analytics will show what people are doing on your pages and answer all your queries. In fact, it can even tell what devices people use when opening your site. It’s incredible how much you can do with the information collected by Google when it is managed well. 

Knowing how people behave will help you build a more user-friendly site and keep your visitors for longer. You need them to learn more about what you have to offer and how they can benefit from getting it from you. So, knowing what people like and at what stage you lose them should serve you as a guide for design improvements. 

Actually, learning where users leave you can be the most significant knowledge of all. The longer people stay on your site, the better. Hence, prolonging their stay by fixing pages where users bounce off can improve your chances in searches and build a customer base. 

  • It helps you define your target audience

Chances are, your site is aimed at a very specific group of people. You want these people to find your site, visit it and interact with it. These particular groups of people are your ideal customers, best visitors, and potential loyal fanbase that you can count on in the future. The visitors and yourself will benefit from such cooperation. You are certain of it. However, do you know who those people are? Well, it’s tricky. You can have an idea in your head, of course, based on predictions or else. 

Yet, Google Analytics can do a much better job at this. This software can narrow down your audience to those who will be a perfect match. It shows who visits your site and provides data on their demographics, region, and even general activities online, like giving you information about people’s interests. Next, you see what visitors stay longer and end up going through the sales funnel to the end. These are your people. Using Google Analytics, aim to target those users before everyone else. 

  • You can spot a winner

Google Analytics will help you find the most popular pages on your site. For instance, is it the piece “How to Enjoy Work or Study From Home” or the sale pages? Learning about such information is crucial if you want to understand your audience’s interests and behavior online. Hence, you see what products, content, or services are the absolute hit among users and what pages lack attention. 

Knowing such info can be useful for several reasons. For example, you can make more accurate predictions in your sales. Secondly, you can achieve better conversion rates at more popular pages. Additionally, you can examine the most popular pages more carefully and find out what attracts people the most there. Finally, adjusting all your pages similarly will help increase the traffic and distribute the attention more equally. 

  • Bonus: It’s free and easy

You have just learned about all the hard work Google Analytics does to keep your business alive and well. Though, if you are still in doubt, listen to this. Google Analytics is free to use, and it’s highly intuitive. You will learn how to use it within days. In fact, its effortless ability to measure all the data and create customized reports is the main reason people, especially newbies to websites, love this software. It’s not only giving you full reports on your site’s performance, but teaching you about site trafficking and research. You barely have to do anything other than observe. So, there are no reasons for you to delay its installment. 

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