Google Celebrating Mariachi {Nov} Mariachi & Revolution!

Google Celebrating Mariachi 2020

Google Celebrating Mariachi {Nov} Mariachi & Revolution! >> Know about the new doodle of the search engine, Google on one of country’s music culture, read.

We all are aware that Google is a reputed company, and on its search engine, it celebrates different festivals, cultures, and traditions worldwide. On various occasions, you must have noticed that a video comes or Google is in a doodle form according to culture in the United States and other countries on Google’s search engine. 

In this article on ‘Google Celebrating Mariachi,’ we will tell you about the doodle image of the search engine Google on 24th November 2020 and what it wants to show the world by making such a doodle. The image and the video is related to Mexican music tradition Mariachi.

Please read the entire article to know about Mariachi and the tradition related to it. Also, learn about its history and why Google pays tribute to it.

What is Mariachi?

It is a word that is related to music and musicians. The tradition of Mariachi originated in Mexico in the 19th century. Initially, the practice was limited to stringed instruments, and slowly it expanded its culture and tradition. Read about ‘Google Celebrating Mariachi.’

Mariachi is a representation of its country and represents the culture of Mexico and its history. The music form also upgraded with time and adopted modern music forms to keep Mexican music’s culture and traditions alive. 

What is the Google doodle?

The Google doodle represents a video on the search engine that shows the Mariachi Serenade. The song on the doodle is Cielito Lindo, and the meaning of this Spanish word is ‘lovely sweet one.’

The band plays instrumental music with six-string bass, a five-string guitar, trumpet, and violin in the video. All the players are wearing Charro suits and playing the instruments, including the harp. It is why ‘Google Celebrating Mariachi’ is trending.

How can you see the video?

When you do any search on Google search engine on the home page, then in Google’s image, you will find a video button in the second O of Google with a hat. When you click on the button, you will get to know about the history of the Mexican music culture Mariachi and also view the video.

Upgradation of Mariachi

In the initial days, the music was limited to the string instruments like violin, guitar, harp, and others. With time, other devices like trumpet were added to the Mariachi instruments, and vocals were also added while playing the historic music. 

Google Celebrating Mariachi’ information says with time, the music upgraded with jazz and reggae elements of the United States and other country’s music.


The article’s final line says that Google celebrates various countries worldwide via its doodle images and videos.  

On 24th November, Google celebrated one search Mexican culture and music tradition, Mariachi, via its doodle video. The band was wearing traditional costumes of Mexico and playing the Mariachi music instruments on the classic song meaning ‘lovely sweet one.’ 

Google keeps celebrating such events and various festivals and occasions to connect with people and show them that Google is a part of their celebration. ‘Google Celebrating Mariachi’ was also a part of showing that Google is a part of everyone’s life, and it celebrates with people.

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