Google Docs Cursor Stuck On Left (Apr) Why It Stops?

Google Docs Cursor Stuck On Left 2021
Google Docs Cursor Stuck On Left (Apr) Why It Stops? -> Do the stopping of the cursor on Google docs is creating a barrier in your work? Read and learn some ways to resolve it.

Google and its services are used by the people worldwide, and any issue in its working becomes a major problem for the users. Recently, people of the United States have reported that the cursor in Google docs is not working. 

By discussing the problem in detail, we will be sharing some suggestions with you to improve Google doc’s functioning. There are many personal editors available on the internet, but people prefer to rely on Google docs. It is the reason that Google Docs Cursor Stuck On Left has become an important topic of discussion.

Some words about Google Docs

A Google doc is a free word processing editor provided to users. As it is a web-based application, so a good internet connection is required for its working. The complete package consists of Google forms, sites, slides and calendars.

Editors can create their content on this platform and express their ideas easily. The cursor plays a crucial role in determining the editor’s position on the blank page, and if it stops working, it becomes difficult to work on Google doc.

Google Docs Cursor Stuck On Left – How?

Recently, it is detected that the Google doc’s cursor gets stuck on the left, due to which the copy-paste command is not working. The cursor gets completely frozen, and one can’t even use the back button. The word processor stops working. 

As per the people’s feedback, when individual types the characters on Google docs, they don’t appear on the screen where the cursor is blinking. Most importantly, copy-paste function is affected due to the stopping of the cursor. No major issues were detected till yesterday. 

To resolve the problem of Google Docs Cursor Stuck On Left, people have tried many ways that are discussed in our next section of the article. 

How to resolve it?

Below-mentioned are some of the ways tried by the users of Google docs. 

  1. Restart your chrome 
  2. Try to remove all the history and cookies from your account.
  3. Go to the settings and try to reset the zooming function.
  4. Reload your Google Docs.
  5. Ensure whether your Adblock is disabled or not.

So, you can try any of the five methods to resolve the issues. Please share if any of these ways help you to get rid of the issue of Google Docs Cursor Stuck On Left


For now, no permanent solution is shared that satisfied all users. People are trying their ways. We have to wait for a while and keep ourselves updated on the internet so that this issue can be resolved as early as possible.

Google docs is used both for personal and professional use. But how one can type the characters if the cursor becomes standstill? The copy and paste command makes our task easy and saves time; sadly, it’s not working.

What problems are you facing due to Google Docs Cursor Stuck On Left? Please leave your comments in the comment box.

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