Google Plus Class Action Lawsuit Scam (Aug) Some Facts!

Google Plus Class Action Lawsuit Scam 2020

Google Plus Class Action Lawsuit Scam (Aug) Some Facts! >> This article is all about the class action lawsuit of Google+ as users have received money-claim aim from Google LLC.

Are you a member of Google Plus before it shuts down? Then, you may get an odd mail from Google stating that a class-suit has been registered against Google. Such Email has received by the people from the United States

Let us know more about the Google Plus Class Action Lawsuit Scam.  

What does the Email purport? 

“You are not being sued.” 

The statement is the welcome one for most of the people, but the words are oddly discomfiting when it appears at the top of an email received from Google. That was a real thing for most Gmail users when they received such an email with the subject matter “Notice of Class Action Settlement re Google plus” as levered up in their inboxes.

Moreover, it also explained that Google had settled a class-action lawsuit on behalf of its inoperative Google+ social media network on August 4. Now, the hitherto users may be eligible to claim and get money from the amount of $7.5 million settlement reached by the Internet organization.    

Don’t you know the entire story behind this Google Plus Class Action Lawsuit Scam? Let us know what happened in 2018.

Get back to 2018

You may be aware of the privacy flaw of Google plus in the year 2018 when a deadly blow was out from Google that indicates leakage of user’s private information and data to any third-party developer. 

That was a big blunder. After a few years, the online service has shut down, and Arc Technica reported that a class-action lawsuit has filed in opposition to Google for their “Law approach” concerning the security of data on Google+. 

Who received this bizarre Email?

This strange letter in the form of an email has received by the former users of the Google service range from January 1, 2015, to April 2, 2019, with a suspicious title and warning doubtful readers. It includes no personal greetings and proffers a cash amount. Thus, some recipients have some dubious about this Google Plus Class Action Lawsuit Scam.

How much money will you get?

If you got this Email, then you can receive an amount of $12, but you will get a waiver on your rights to future litigation. Another hearing is planned for November 19. 

But whether the amount of only $12 for privacy snafu is worthy or not, it is still the user’s call. 

Is Email Legit? 

The email recipients are thrilled to know that it is legit one as confirmed through a Google Spokesperson that Google has sent such an email. This lawsuit pan across the privacy flaws at Google Plus internet service, and the same is settled this year for $7.5 million.

All the details, as mentioned in the Email, is available on the website that is The mail,, from where it has received is also the real one that may seem scam for some people. Therefore, we have done with Google Plus Class Action Lawsuit Scam.   

Kindly mention all your doubts and questions below to know more about it. 

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