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Googleclassroom com for Students {Sep} Read More Now


Googleclassroom com for Students {Sep} Read More Now -> Create and distribute assignments or classes online to instantly grade them

Are you a teacher? Does being unfamiliar with technology pose any disadvantages for you? We comprehend that COVID-19 is bringing new challenges every day. A vaccine is yet to come and taking a long time. Googleclassroom com for Students is what you need to understand the latest technology and teach the kids. 

Many paid and free applications are available in the United States. However, trust and reliability are two features that are not present in all technologically-savvy classroom applications. Here, let’s check the features and working of Google classroom to compare it with other options. 

What is Google classroom?

It is a free web service that is sponsored and launched by Google for primary and secondary schools. The application objectifies to simplify grading, creating, and distributing an assignment. It also simplifies the files sharing between students and you. 40-100 million people are using this platform so far. 

What does the platform integrate?

Googleclassroom com for Studentssuccessfully integrates calendar, Docs, Gmail, sheets, and slides. The integration successfully helps in better communication between you and students. 

How does it work?

To operate Googleclassroom com for Studentsyou have to follow the below instruments:

  • Create a private code to invite your students 
  • You can also import the code from your school domain
  • With Google ecosystem, you can mark, distribute, and create assignments
  • A folder saves every class in your Google drive where your students can submit their reports or assignments
  • Due dates and assignments can be listed to Google Calendar with topic or category
  • You can monitor the student’s revision by reviewing the document history
  • Return the assignments to your students with comments

What about compatibility?

Googleclassroom com for Students is known for its unmatched compatibility with IOS and Android systems. 

What are the features?

Googleclassroom com for Students has many features that make it simple to use:

  • Assignments
  • Grading
  • Communications
  • Originality Report
  • Archive Course
  • Mobile Applications 
  • Privacy

Benefits of Googleclassroom com for Students:

  • Simplicity of application
  • Accessibility of university device
  • Google Drive to instantly share reports and assignments
  • The paperless process to reduce the carbon footprint
  • Faster feedback rate 

Disadvantages of Googleclassroom com for Students:

  • Hefty integration of Google services and apps
  • Zero or limited support for external services or files
  • Limited automated tests and quizzes
  • Unavailable live chats for instant feedback

Customer Feedback:

Every business or technology application has drawbacks and pros. Similarly, Googleclassroom com for Students has received both appreciation and criticism. The users are leaving negative comments on the application because of legit points. Lack of instant feedback and limited compatibility with external files are two significant drawbacks. 


Googleclassroom com for Students is popular in the United States because it is easy to use and grade the assignments. The drawbacks are certainly upsetting the users, but the platform is still extensively used. Please tell us about your online classroom experience in the comment box. It will help other teachers too. 

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