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Got Trapped In International Scam? Here is What You Need To Do!

Got Trapped In International Scam? Here is What You Need To Do! >> In this news article get to know about the next step if your money is trapped online.

Looking at the current scenario, people have got extremely busy in the modern world!

One wishes to buy the product online in recent days just by a click of the button.

But things are never meant to be easy for humankind! 

Online scam is increasing day by, and people have become too fed up with the frauds going over.

So let us check out the fraud worldwide and its solution in this article. 

Why are online frauds taking its pace nowadays?

With the advent of technology, though it is a boon, it has many side effects along with this. It is essential nowadays to not fall prey to such kind of scams. 

But unfortunately, if you have been trapped in such kinds of frauds, don’t panic; here are the following links and steps to get your money back and your refund.  

Which platform will be helpful for the return and refund policy across the world?

Want a link that resolves the issue worldwide? Surely this link can be the adequate one!


The econsumer.gov is the best platform which is in partnership with 40 consumer protection agencies all over the world.

The best part is that your return or the refund complaint helps the authorities spot the scam and then carry forward the procedure to overcome fraud.

It is the most appropriate platform to report international scams and knows about the various other steps to combat fraud. It has around 40 consumer protection agencies worldwide who are in collaboration to fight against international scams.

It is presently available in English, French, German, Korean, Japanese, Polish, Spanish, and Turkish.

Click on the link and get in touch with the top-rated Consumer Protection Agencies. Its time to take action against the online scams! 

How to get a refund if you have paid via Credit Card?

Have you been scammed by paying through a credit card? You need to follow these simple steps:

However, the steps will differ in different countries. Check it Out:

United States:

Get connected to the merchant: In most cases, they will not revert, so it will not be useful.

Ask for a chargeback: You can request the Credit Card Provider to give a chargeback.

Show the scam proof: Once connected with the credit card provider, show them the fraud’s evidence.

Wait for the response: Once you are done with the scam request and submission of the details, you need to wait for the reply.

Refund Duration: After that, the filing of the complaint, the refund will be done within a few days or months. It can be a bit time-consuming process.


Get Connected with the merchant and request a refund.

Please apply for a chargeback, check that you are eligible for it or not.

The Time duration for Australia can be from 45 days to 120 days.

Raise a dispute against the bank: You can also raise an argument against the bank by taking the Australian Financial Complaints Authority’s help.(AFCA)


  • Raise a dispute and get connected to the merchant.
  • Contact the credit card provider and file a complaint.
  • Show the evidence of the fraud.
  • Get Connected with the bank.
  • Wait for the response and refund. It takes a few days to get the refund.

United Kingdom

Contact the merchant and get connected to him.

If there is no such solution given by the merchant, you need to raise a complaint via the Consumer Credit Act. Under section 75, the Credit Card must provide a refund if any scam is helpful to file a consumer complaint mentioned in the above platforms.

How to get the money back on Paypal when scammed?

If you have bought the items from Paypal and got scammed, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • You need to sign in to the account via the Paypal app or website.
  • Move to the resolution center and open a dispute. (It should be done within 180 days from the day of purchase)
  • Click on the “Dispute a transaction” button.
  • Select the item dispute, and you are all done!

Usage of Chargeback and its limitations

When you file a chargeback via PayPal with the credit card user’s help, the buyers will have the right to ask for a refund on the transactions made. 

So the question arises, how to use chargeback? You need to claim for a chargeback, and the service then connects with the consumer credit card user. It can be done by call or email them.

Further, the credit card user informs the official merchant bank of Paypal to withdraw the funds. Also, in a few days, Paypal asks for details for the money back, and all is done!


Altogether it can be said that if you are trapped in any such frauds, do not panic as its time to take the initiative. Such vital steps will help in the reduction of online scams.

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