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Gotgofriendly com Reviews {June} Read It Before Order!

Gotgofriendly com Reviews

Gotgofriendly com Reviews {June} Read It Before Order! >> In this article, you will read about an online store that sells premium quality tools & machines for your homes. has covered all the items that can fetch you excellent comfort and convenience.

What do you think, what is need for the hour? Getting items in one place that too at an affordable price and at your convenience? Not one but whole.

Yes, the need of the hour is getting all your needs at an affordable price that too at our doorsteps. The world is changing, and so does the businesses are; customers want everything at the convenience of their homes, so businesses have adapted this change and providing whatever a customer needs under a single roof.

Currently, is trending across the United States and gaining massive popularity there.

Read this Gotgofriendly com Reviews to know more about the pros, cons, and other customer reviews about this website.

What is is a global online store that deals in products that provides you with utter comfort and convenience as its name itself depict you got to go friendly.

It has a variety of hair products, yoga pants and toys & gifts for kids. This site mainly deals in useful items such as body deep muscle massager, universal car window curtain, 2 in 1 high-pressure cleaner, 2 in 1 hair trimmer, the mini projector, premium 3D illusion rug and other items that can fetch you comfort at your homes and make your work more comfortable than ever.

Is worth your money?

If we talk about the benefits, then surely this online store does have many like premium quality items at discounted prices, the widest variety available, return & refund available, etc. Still, if we talk about the trust index of this website, it has a shallow trust index, which implies that this site may be a trap or too new to rely upon.

You always have an option to buy or not from such websites, as you can read relevant information available over the internet about the website and then make a decision.


  • Products – Hair products, kids, toys & gifts, tools & machines, yoga pants, etc.
  • Website –
  • Email – 
  • Contact – Not available.
  • Delivery – 7-20 days.
  • Return/Exchange – Within 14 days after receipt of the product.
  • Refund – Available.
  • Mode of Payment – All major credit and debit cards and PayPal.

Is scam?

This website doesn’t seem like a scam website as it has shared much relevant information about what a scam website doesn’t.

That is another part that this website is too new and cannot be relied upon and also has a very shallow trust index that makes this website unreliable and suspicious.

We recommend you to read the necessary information and Gotgofriendly com Reviews to know if this site is a scam or not.

Pros of 

  • The widest variety of products.
  • Affordable products are available.
  • Huge discounts on premium products.
  • Prompt shipping.
  • Return & exchange available.
  • Refund available.
  • Order cancellation available.
  • Safe payment methods.
  • Secure checkout.
  • Customer email support.
  • Transparent policies.

Cons of 

  • The contact number is not available.
  • The physical address of the website is unavailable.
  • Late delivery.
  • Accepts only online payments.
  • No cash on delivery.

Customer’s Feedback on 

As we already mentioned in our Gotgofriendly com Reviews, this website doesn’t share its contact number or physical address, making it unreliable for online shopping.

Many of the customers who had previously bought from this store loved the quality of the products and recommended it to their friends and family. Still, for other customers, the unavailability of the contact information became a headache as they were not able to lodge their late delivery complaints, wrong items delivered complaints, and other complaints.

Other than this, the website is too new to be trusted, and apart from the new domain, this website also has a shallow trust index over the internet.

Final Verdict 

You may find this site very helpful as it provides premium quality items at very reasonable prices, and many items are listed on this website are available on huge discounts.

You can rely on the products listed on the website if you want convenient products for your homes. Products that are made for your convenience and comfort are listed on this website at huge discounts.

But, before making any decision, read our Gotgofriendly com Reviews and do manual check on your own concerning its positive and negative aspects, and also go through other available information about this website. 

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  1. IA gift for father’s Day!!! ordered the mini saw an the extra blades. I did get the blades, now i would like to receive the mini saw. It has already been debited from my acct.
    Susan Moniz955@gmail

    1. I wrote to gotgofriendly’s support email asking what was in my package due to the many upset customers stating they only received the saw blades and not the saw. I was informed my package, due to be delivered today, had only the saw blades. I replied back with what my order showed, ‘A Multi-function Saw with +1 blade.’ They have not responded back yet. I will go forward with requesting my money be refunded. Thank goodness I paid thru PayPal who is very good at working with the customer at having their money refunded. Thank goodness for PayPal!

  2. I order the mini saw and blades also have received my order yet …is the a real company?

    1. Same here go to and file a complaint w FBI it’s a place for us to report being scammed.

  3. I ordered the saw and extra blades and have had no item delivered or any response as to when. You have my money pls send item or refund pls.

  4. I ordered my multifunction circular saw on June 24, received my order confirmation with a promise of another email when the item shipped. No email, no saw yet.

  5. Ordered mini saw. Never received. Tracking Update has not changed in over 1 month. Says it was picked up somewhere in NEW YORK for delivery. Several inquiries to company were responded with “Check Tracking info”. Last few attempts have not received any more replies. Looks like Website is down now. I think I was ripped off.

  6. Maybe you can help me with my order, my order number is zyz18833 ordered on the 28/06/20, I only received the blades and not the saw.

  7. BUYER BEWARE!!! This is definitely a scam…. I ordered a rotary saw with blades and after waiting 20 days….. I received a pack of blades NO SAW. What a rip off. I need to call my credit card company now and dispute the charge.

  8. Same thing. I email them and they changed my order to only show I paid 30.97 for blades… I put a dispute with PayPal for my money back, as this company won’t refund me. Just keeps saying I got what I ordered!!


    The same thing happened to me. Ordered the saw and blade. After contacting them over a month later they only sent me out the blades and said that’s what I ordered.

  10. I also just received the blades and they keep telling me that I received my order. went through PayPal. to see if I can at least get part of money back so far just run around. also have noticed they have taken add off Facebook. really could have used the saw. listen learned.

  11. The same thing happened to me ordered the saw with a set of blades only the blades came I emailed them they told me l only ordered was the blades. It is a scam I can no longer get to the website it was taken down

  12. Scam. They lead you to believe you are getting saw and blades. You will only receive 3 blades. Which are useless with the saw. Will never place another order again. They reply back with “you only ordered blades. Thanks”

  13. I am very disappointed that the mini circular saw with 3 extra blades did not arrive as I expected. I will be looking into this further. I received no E-mail to let me know it was shipped. I demand a refund!!

  14. I ordered this same set after going over all of their promotional material…I originally thought it could be a scam but kept reading the description advertising a multifunctional circular saw AND blade…after receiving a set of three blades I contacted their customer service, the first two emails kept directing me back to my tracking information..I received a reply on my fourth email to them …
    Thanks for contacting us.
    As we checked and confirmed you just ordered one Multifunctional Circular saw blade set(Luxury set)
    Thanks for your understanding.
    Needless to say I emailed back providing confirmation of my order and screenshots of their promotional material..I also included numerous reviews advising other customers have also just received the blades.. waiting for this last response and then I will file a dispute with paypal…

    So frustrating…it’s not that much money but, if we all just let it slide, they continue to do this…and that small amount of money starts adding up…

  15. What good are saw blades with no saw! I was really upset that it took almost three months to give here, but now I’m really pissed off there was no saw, only blades. This is total BS.

  16. I also ordered Mutti function saw with extra pack of blades total $55. through paypal. WAITED forever , finally got paypal involved waited to escalate claim and just before deadline Agilent Industries mailed a envelope of saws. I have re involved paypal and disputed NOT AS DESCRIBED. Not sure of outcome. Does anyone know remotely what these blades fit if anything?? I also used CC through Paypal maybe they will help. This has been ordered since approx the end of MAY. Hopefully paypal will refund the 55.10 Got Go Friendly. Agilent Inc and now on envelope of blades Air City Inc.

  17. I also ordered the saw but only received blades. They have responded to My emails only to say I got what I ordered. No return, no refund.

  18. I have an order confirmation that clearly says I bought a saw and blades. They sent me blades only. I asked for a return address and they refused to give me one.

    I guess I have no choice but challenge this charge with my card company.

    This is ridiculous. How did this work out for everybody else?

  19. The same story… Received just 3 blades, no saw. Even on order confirmation shown 6 blades, not 3. Word “with” means “together with” or “plus” but not “only”. Contacted customer support. No answer yet. Will contact PayPal to block this seller.

  20. Ordered several items one of which was the mini saw with extra blades, 3 months later everything arrived with the exception of the saw, been emailing back and forth sent sceenshot of order. They said I didn’t order the saw. Now no contact at all. Pure BS

  21. I ordered the saw with the pack of 6 blades also back in June. I finally received a package of 3 blades and no saw. I have sent them 4 emails I got 3 responses, 2 told me that my package had been delivered and to check my mailbox and check with my mail carrier. The 3rd and 4th emails I received was in Chinese so I have no idea what it says. I sent a 5th email today.asking for a refund, I doubt I’ll hear back from them. I just feel I’ve been ripped off.

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