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Gourshope com Reviews (July 2020) Is It A Legit Site?

Gourshope com Reviews

Gourshope com Reviews (July 2020) Is It A Legit  Site? >> Read this review before purchasing a car repair suction tool online.

Did you accidentally dent your car and the repairman asking too much for fixing the dent? Then you must check out the dent repair suction tool on the Gourshope com.

An average dent repair can cost up to $30 at your local repair shop per half an inch! There are repair suction tools available online that can quickly fix a small dent on your own. It does so for a fraction of the price that is usually charged by the repair shop. 

Gourshope com Reviews offers views about a website that provides a variety of products like the dent repair suction tool. The site has been gaining popularity in the United States as well as others. 

The website, because of having a recent creation date, has new customers asking Is Gourshope com Legit? This review will analyze the website to provide you with the specifications that give clarity regarding its legitimacy. 

What is Gourshope com?

The Gourshope com is an online shopping site that sells an assortment of products. The products range from beauty, kid’s toys & beds, pet beds/leashes/accessories, car accessories, cleaning products, pest repellent, and more. The website presents its users with about 11 pages of products but no precise categorization.

This makes it confusing and deciphering its true range very difficult. The first thing you would notice right on opening the website is its name, which is ‘love to buy,’ which is entirely different from the URL link. 

Even though there is a padlock on the website, it has a very low trust score index. Which is what would have made customers ask Is Gourshope com Legit? The site was established less than six months ago and raised doubts.

Specifications of Gourshope com

  • Products- beauty products, kids toys, pet, and car accessories, cleaning supplies, etc 
  • Website- 
  • Email-
  • Phone number- 0018772534927
  • Shipping/processing time- within 48 hours from making a purchase 
  • Delivery time- 8-14 business days 
  • Shipping fee- Free on $49 purchase, $6.99 on purchase below $49 
  • Return- should be made within 14 days 
  • Exchange- not mentioned 
  • Refunds- details provided after evaluating returns 
  • Online Payment- can only be made via PayPal 

Pros of Gourshope com

  • The product description is complete with size and material 
  • The website has an HTTPS connection 
  • The contact information provided on the site is complete 
  • The customer is eligible for quick refunds after the evaluation is complete 
  • They allow for secure online payments made 

Cons of Gourshope com

  • The website was created less than 6 months back 
  • Its layout is very haphazard 
  • It has a terrible trust score rating 
  • They use a generic customer care email id 
  • Free delivery only available for purchases above $49 

Is Gourshope com Legit?

TheGourshope com shows a different name from the URL, which right off the bat is a red flag. Its layout is extremely confusing, and there is no precise categorization of the products on the site.

It uses a generic Gmail customer care email id instead of one with the company name. There are possibilities of these details being overlooked because the website is new. Gourshope com currently is not listed by Google as a suspicious sight, which is a good sign. But it is still hard to believe that the site is legit. 

What are the customer’s views of the Gourshope com?

Gourshope com Reviews tells you that the site has no customer views at the moment. There are also no social media links present that could aid in catching hold of reviews. 

However, there are online review sites that mention of the website being potentially safe. But it also has a very bad trust score index and appropriately so as the customer care information is lackluster. 

Its layout is haphazard and extremely cluttered, which will make it difficult for customers to make online purchases. Do you agree? There is an HTTPS connection present on this United States seller, which is usually a number 1 way to ensure customer information security. 

Moreover, there are numerous websites available with similar products that have built a rapport with its customers. 

Final Verdict- 

The website provides information, but it does not seem legit as the phone number is attached to another website that has now been shut down. The prices too seem to be unbelievably low! 

There are numerous other details about the website that make its ill intentions more pronounced. Hence, we do not recommend purchasing from this site. 

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