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Gravel Master Reviews [June] Know its Legitimacy Here!

Gravel Master Reviews 2020
Gravel Master Reviews [June] Know its Legitimacy Here! -> In the article, you read about a website dealing with innovative and naturally extracted landscaping products.

We’ve now found an innovative way to enhance the look of our houses. Earlier. It was all about walls and furniture. We never focussed on landscape or exterior. But now, we have switched to soothing interiors along with proper landscaping and surfaces.

In the article below, you will be reading about Gravel Master Reviews, an online website dealing with horticultural and decorative aggregates landscaping goods. The site is operated from the United Kingdom and is amongst the frequently visited ones.

The website has mentioned that it offers its customers to choose from a variety of products. They sell products in loose and bulk packaging, and also offer sample bags for new buyers.

The website has mentioned all the details on its webpage, but this does not justify the authenticity of the same. In the article below about Gravel Master Reviews, you will find all the possible answers to your queries and would also be able to conclude: Is Gravel master Legit?

Please read below to know more about it.

What is Gravel Master?

The website is an online store offering products that will enhance your landscape and give it a better look.

The site claim to offers the best quality products extracted from the different areas of the UK and Europe. They also claim to have the best prices for the products. They sell their products in different packaging, depending on the customer’s needs, available in loose packaging, bulk packaging, and sample bags. Sample bags allow their customers to test the products before placing bulk orders.

They also introduced the feature of Gravel Master Calculator, so that the buyers can cross-check the weight of their orders, for satisfaction that they have received the right quantity they ordered.

Their products are naturally extracted from the different areas of the UK and Europe. Also, they claim to have a fast delivery service, also efficient at the same time. 

We have specified some specifications, pros, and cons of the site below for more clarity.

Specifications of Gravel Master:

  • Website: Deals with landscaping goods.
  • Email:
  • Address: Unit 10, Hayfield Business Park, Finningley, DN9 3FL
  • Contact Number: 0330 058 5068
  • Shipping Time: 24 Hours from the order placement
  • Shipping Cost: Depends on the location of the order, starting from £15.
  • Delivery: 2-3 working days
  • Returns/Exchange: 14 days from the date of receipt.
  • Refunds: Processed within 3-5 business days.
  • Cancellation:Within 48 Hours of order placement
  • Mode of Payment: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and PayPal

Benefits of purchasing from Gravel Master:

  • The website is SSL Certified.
  • Option to choose from a variety of products.
  • Fast delivery option available.
  • Naturally extracted products.

Drawbacks of Gravel Master:

  • Delivery charges are applicable on every order.
  • COD not available.

Is Gravel Master legit?

After reviewing the website, we came across several points about the website. The site has mentioned all the policies, terms, and conditions in detail. This contributed to its authenticity but did not justify it entirely. Technical information about the website are neither mentioned online nor on any other platform.

After proper and detailed research, we found out that the website Is young and its domain was purchased a few months ago. This makes it difficult to trust the site. And also, most of the online reviews are negative and not in favor of the website. Hence, customers are not much satisfied with the products delivered to them.

Thus, it can be concluded that the site is a scam.

Customer Reviews on Gravel Master:

The site is available on many other platforms; thus, it was easy to collect reviews about their products mentioned on different platforms.

It was noticed that most of the reviews available online are against the site. Buyers are not much satisfied with the same, and also complained about the products delivered to them.

They’ve specified that the order was delivered too late, according to the site’s time. And to some of them, it wasn’t even offered. Also, they’ve written about the returns policy of the same. It was a tedious task to request the returns, and the amount refunded by the site is even less than half of the amount they paid.

Thus, mostly negative reviews were found online, and customers have mentioned that they won’t recommend it further to anyone to shop from the same. 

Final Verdict:

After going through the website, it can be concluded that the site is a scam, and also it is firmly not recommended to shop from the same.

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  1. Gravel Master is a sham and the only programme that they should feature on is “ROGUE TRADERS”

  2. Something is clearly not right with that company. No customer service. Automated reply to emails. Not answering phone. No order received after more than a month. Only got our money back after contacting the bank.

  3. They certainly act like a scam company. Take your money and don’t deliver. Not answering phone or emails. Stay away from this business. Don’t believe any good reviews, as they delete negative ones and invite people to write good ones.

  4. Placed an order on 6th August for a 850kg bulk bag of Cotswold Buff chippings.
    Selected delivery on 11th August between 8:00am & 6:00pm.
    They had a box that you could type in ‘special instructions’ so I requested that the driver park in the road outside the house & lift the bulk bag over the fence into the garden (easy access) assuming they would send a lorry with a crane as it was a bulk bag order (how wrong was I to assume).
    They took immediate payment.
    Made sure someone was around all day to accept delivery (the very person who is going to lay the chippings).
    I received an email at 11:27am to say that it had been delivered to the local hub & delivery would be completed within 24hrs (I thought that was a little odd but then thought maybe it was just a standard notification & I was working so could not act on it anyway).
    Delivery had not taken place by 4:45pm so I thought I would give them a call to find out if it was going to be delivered by 6:00pm on the 11th August (Tuesday).
    After explaining my concern that time was running out, the female at customer services said, there has been a delay & it will be delivered on Thursday (13th August)! I then asked why I wasn’t notified & she replied “You would have notified via email that it had reached the hub” to which I replied that it had at 11:27am & said that it would be delivered within 24hrs. She then said “yes, on Thursday” to which I replied, but that’s more than 24hrs anyway but more to the point, why was I not notified that it would not be delivered as specified at point of order & payment. She then replied “there are delays due to covid”. Now, whilst I can appreciate possible delays, they should not have allowed me to choose a specific delivery date in my opinion & they have no excuse for lack of contact.
    I then requested to cancel the order as they had failed to deliver on time. She then said that there would be a cancellation fee of £50.00 (could even have been plus VAT). I then said “but surely you have breached the contract”? she then replied “there is no contract” to which I replied “I think you’ll find we entered into a contract the moment you accepted my online order & took immediate payment”. She was quite adamant that no contract has been entered into (I need to look into this). She then said that it would also just be a kerbside delivery as the lorries sent out do not have cranes. I then asked what is the point of allowing customers to type in special instructions & once again, why wasn’t I contacted with regards to this to which she had no real answer. When I referred back to the non-delivery on the specified date, she then replied “that is your desired date but delivery on this date is not guaranteed”!!! She then threw up the terms & conditions saying that the delivery date is not guaranteed, kerbside delivery only & an order cancellation charge is all stated in the terms & conditions which I agreed to when I placed the order!!!!
    I have requested a phone call from a manager tomorrow (12th August) because they were all ‘in a meeting today’ (yes of course they were).
    All I can say is avoid, avoid, avoid.

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