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Great Suspender Alternative (Feb) Find Out Details Here!

Great Suspender Alternative (Feb) Find Out Details Here! >> The write-up shares details of the tab suspender and some commonly used alternatives.

Great Suspender Alternative: If you use the internet for browsing, you need a browser. But, continuously using the browser means piling up multiple tabs, and as a result, the device or PC starts getting slower. You may use a few tabs, but in many projects, we have to keep the tabs open longer, and this is where the tab suspender proves helpful. But, there is an alternative that can offer you the best browsing experience.  

Great Suspender is the commonly used Chrome Extension suspender known for low memory usages. But, there are some security issues with the suspender. So, users in the United States and the United Kingdom are looking for the best alternative to the Great Suspender. 

Great Suspender Alternative: About the Great Suspender

The Great Suspender is the commonly used tool in the Chrome Extension. The suspender’s role is to close the tabs that are consuming higher memory and compelling the browser and page to load slowly. 

Users who struggle with slow loading speed on Chrome browser due to multiple opened tabs use the Great Suspender in their Chrome Extension. The suspender can unload the unused tabs automatically while sustaining the title text and favicon. Users can restore the tab by clicking anywhere on the page when needed. 

However, there are some security issues associated with the tab suspender. Hence, users in the United Kingdom and the United States are now looking for the best Great Suspender Alternative.

What are the Best Alternatives to Great Suspender?

Before your start downloading the alternatives, you must uninstall the great suspender extension tool from your chrome extension and stop it from accessing the browser. Users have to access the extension’s settings and deactivate the open tabs and discard the malware extension. Below you will come across some common alternatives to the great suspender. 

  • One Tab – It is the best chrome extension tool consolidating all open tabs into one list, thereby efficiently reducing 95% of memory and data when browsing the internet. The extension tool has managed to satisfy over two million users worldwide and secured a 4.5-star rating from users.
  • Tabs Outliner – The extension tool is easily accessible from Chrome Webstore. This Great Suspender Alternative acts as the session manager, helping users to organize the browser when users open it for browsing. The tool automatically closes and opens tabs and sustains the authentic text users are presently using for future usages. 
  • The Great Discarder – The extension tool is new and managed to attract only 20K users worldwide. This is rated with a 4.5-star rating. The extension tool helps in discarding the open tabs automatically that are no longer in use. It even selects the unused tabs to free up the memory automatically. 
  • Auto Tab Discard – The extension tool is useful to automatically select unused tabs and close them to free-up memory space and heighten the chrome browser’s loading speed despite browsing the internet with multiple tabs.          

Great Suspender Alternative: Conclusion

The Great Suspender is the lightweight chrome extension tool to reduce the memory footprint by managing the browser’s unused tabs. However, some users face issues with the security system of the browser when the suspender is functional. So, they look for the best alternative that can offer them the ultimate browsing experience.  

The list comprises some of the best and top-rated alternatives to Great Suspender. What is your experience with the Great Suspender? Kindly share your views about the extension tool in the comment section.

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