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Gully Wordle {Sep 2022} Explore Wordle Solution Info!

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This article aims to provide information about the Gully Wordle, some definitions, and hints. Keep up with us till the end to explore more.

Are you aware of the Gully word? Wordle is a word game played Worldwide. Players claim that this game brings joy along with the information. But sometimes, it gets difficult for the players to guess the correct answer of the wordle. Like today, people are trying to guess the correct answer to the wordle 441. In this article, we will inform you about the wordle answer 411 and discuss the Gully Wordle, which will help you gain more information about Gully.

What is Gully?

People are confused about Gully’s meaning, and some players didn’t get the answers yet. So to help our readers now, we will disclose the answer. The answer to the wordle 441 is Gully. Keep reading the article if you want to get some hints about the answer. And if you are wondering about the meaning of the Gully word, here you go

  • A ravine that is formed by the action of water is called Gully.

Here you go with some hints about the Gully Game answer of 3 September 2022 

Some of you are here to get the answer to wordle 441, and some want to get the hint and clues of the Wordle to find the correct answer on your own. Without spoiling the game for you, here are some clues which will give you the wind of the answer.

  • The answer of 3 September 2022 wordle starts with G and ends with Y
  • There are 4 consonants and 1 vowel in the answer
  • One of the consonants is repeated in the answer

Wordle 441 Gully Definition

Here are some different definitions of the same Gully word for our readers, which will help them to enhance their knowledge about the Gully word.

  • Mass movement eroded a landform into the soil, and Runny water is called Gully.
  • In cricket, Gully is used as a fielding position or the offside between the slips and the point.
  • Gully is also slang when referring to a person who belongs to the street or the gutter.
  • A small valley that is worn away because of the heavy rain or the fast-following water.

More about the Gully Wordle game

Wordle is a game that Josh Wardle created. He was interested in interesting social experiments and developed a daily word game, Wordle. Wordle players are given a new quiz which they solve in 6 attempts every day. The game tells players if the given alphabet is suitable or not.


This article discusses the answer and the definition of the wordle 441. We also provide some hints and clues about the answer of Wordle. If you wish to know more, read 3rd September answer here.

Do you know the other definition of the Gully Wordle? In the comment section below, we will be pleased to know your thoughts on our article.

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