How To Handle Pellet Grilling In Winter?

How To Handle Pellet Grilling In Winter 2020

How To Handle Pellet Grilling In Winter? >> wondering if you can take up some pellet grilling in this frigid winter? Here are some tips for winter pellet grilling that you might find handy.

As the winter is settling in, you might want to do something to warm up your body and soul. So why not take out your pellet grill in the backyard and have a nice winter grilling? All the pro grill enthusiasts know, just because the mercury has dropped, you shouldn’t have to give up on your grilling fun. With a little upgrade and following some tips, you can easily make the best out of your winter pellet grilling. And what better way to shake out the chill than bite into some steaming hot steak. Read on to learn about some winter pellet grilling tips so that you don’t have to give up grilling this winter.

Why Use Pellet Grilling In Winter?

Some of us may hesitate when it comes to winter grilling. It is a long drawn out process, and let’s not talk about how much fuel it needs. So what if you find an alternative that is faster and easier? A well-insulated pellet grill can work far more effectively than a gas grill, making it perfect for wintertime grilling.

With its outdoor oven features and digital temperature control system, you will find it relatively easy to grill in winter. Being a combination of electric and pellet grill, they provide a smoky texture to your food from the burning pellet; even if you don’t use charcoal as fuel. Besides, pellet grills are more fuel-efficient and easy to clean. With a pellet grill, your winter grilling will be a breeze.

Tips for Winter Pellet Grilling

Handling a winter grilling is not an easy feat. If you are a first-time griller, you will have quite a challenge waiting for you. However, with some tricks up your sleeve, winter pellet grilling can be easier if done right. Here we have discussed some winter pellet grilling tips for you.

Bundle Up

Everyone knows to layer up when the temperature is below zero. However, you have to pick the right winter gear if you are handling a pellet grilling in winter. The most important being, avoid loose scarf ends or coat sleeves that can catch fire. If you wear a winter hat, make sure it stays on your head unless you want to be grilled too.

Shovel the Snow

Shoveling the snow off your grilling area is obvious. Make sure you clean up a decent size area for grilling. To avoid slipping on snow, clear the path leading to your house and grilling space. Shoveling snow might be a tedious job but you will be thankful for it later on. Don’t put it off for the last minute as you might lose the spirit of grilling after all the shoveling.

Make Sure You Have Additional Fuel

Although you might have required fuel at your disposal, there is no harm in being more prepared with some extra fuel on hand. Whether you are grilling in a fire pit or a pellet, your grilling can last longer than you have expected, due to the unpredictable weather. You do not want to run out of fuel in the middle of your grilling. Besides, pellets are pretty hard to find in stores and you should make sure you have more than enough when you buy.

Invest On a Heat Resistant Insulator

A heat insulator works as a lifesaver in winter grilling; it will trap the heat as well as keeping the snow off the pellet. When you are grilling at 1°C your hardwood pellet can burn faster than you would expect. If your pellet grill doesn’t come with a built-in insulated twin wall then you must invest in some thermal insulation. You can either buy a grill cover or a thermal blanket to cover your grill; just make sure they fit snugly on your pellet grill.

Try Using a Wireless Thermometer

A wireless thermometer is a God-given miracle for winter grilling. It saves you from going outside in biting cold just to check the temperature of your grill. Who would want to go out when you can monitor the temperature with a wireless thermometer from the comfort of your home? The wireless thermometer is connected to your WiFi, and lets you check the temperature of every individual grill item.

Keep the Lid On

Patience is a virtue that you want to hang on to while grilling in winter; all the more if you are a first-time griller. In winter you can lose heat pretty fast, even when you open the lid for a second just to peek inside the grill, you can lose 100 degrees worth of heat. So a closed lid grilling is the only option in the wintertime. Resist the urge to check on your grilling items every few minutes unless you want it to be a long-winded process.

Ensure Proper Lighting

In winter the sun goes down early and you want to make sure you have proper lighting even when it becomes dark. You don’t want to slip and slide in the snow when all you want is to finish your grilling. Make sure you have enough lighting throughout the path from your home to the grilling area.  Besides, you have to be able to check how the grilling is turning out unless you want to end up with unevenly cooked foods.

Keep the Grilled Foods Warm

Imagine how it would feel to have cold foods after hours of wintertime grilling; all your efforts will go to waste. If you don’t want to end up in this situation, make sure you preserve the grilled item someplace warm. Using a ceramic pot, cast iron pan or an aluminum foil wrapper might be the best way to accomplish it. These materials can preserve heat and can keep your food warm for hours.

On a final thought, pellet grilling will give you the perfect grilling experience on a stone-cold winter evening. If you are a fan of smoky flavored food, pellet grilling won’t disappoint you. With some tricks and practice, you can enjoy smoky ribs or steaks even in the biting cold. However, don’t forget to take all the safety precautions. Avoid pellet grilling in your garage or any enclosed area. If you don’t want to run the risk of fire, be cautious with how you operate your grill.

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