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Happy Nappers Reviews [May] – Read Post Before Shopping Here

Happy Nappers Reviews 2020

Happy Nappers Reviews [May] – Read Post Before Shopping Here -> In this article, you get to inform you about the perfect pillow for your kids.

Do you want your child to sleep with comfort anywhere with a sleeping bag and a soft pillow? Then it would be best if you went with Happy Nappers.

When we do travelling with kids, the most difficulty faced by us is that how to pamper our kids and take care of his/her sleep. To overcome your problem, we are with Happy Nappers Reviews to make you deal with the best for your kid.

Happy Nappers Sleeping Bag Reviews tell us that the website is brilliantly designing the sleeping bags for kids, and it will assure you that your kid will feel comfort and fall in love with it.

According to the patterns, the site is now in massive interest in United State and accepts such a significant part of the customers’ positive reaction.

If you are also thinking about your child’s well-being and want to make them feel comfortable and have a sound sleep, at that point here, the site that you have been hanging tight for, so read this whole article to find out more about this site.

What is Happy Nappers?

Happy Nappers are one of the most famous children’s toys around. Happy nappers are full animals that change into a pillow. These pillows are incredibly delicate and comfortable, and the animals they turn into are additionally extravagant and subtle.

A variety of designs of different animals are available, like dogs, penguins, monkeys, and unicorns. Your child can play with them and, at the same time, take a nap by turning it into a sleeping bag.

Right now, they are providing the product with the best offers with more discount an also with free shipping.

What makes Happy Nappers so unique?

The noteworthy part of this site is that it provides you with the products which are ideal for sleepovers for your kid, long outings in the vehicle, plane rides, or any place you may require a pillow. They are sufficiently little to go all over the place and still large enough to be agreeable.

When you’re done utilizing the home as the pillow, ring the entryway ringer and draw out your Happy Nappers companion for playtime. They are reversible, so it’s straightforward to change from cushion to animals and back once more. Children at any age will have no issue with transforming them to and fro.

Specifications of Happy Nappers:

  • Product- Play pillow with a sleepy sack
  • Website–
  • Email id-
  • Contact No- 1-800-506-5254
  • Shipping policy- Within 24 hours of payment
  • Delivery time- 4- 6 days
  • Exchange- not specified
  • Return- Within 30 days of purchase
  • Refund- 3- 5 working days from the return
  • Mode of payment- Online mode

Pros of Happy Nappers:

  • They are providing the best product for your kid happy.
  • They are providing the product with a guarantee of return and full refund.
  • The prices are reasonable and also with a great discount on them.
  • All the contact details of the company is fully available.

Cons of Happy Nappers:

  • No details provided regarding the exchange of the product.
  • The “About us” page is also missing on the website.
  • No option of payment via COD.

Customer Reviews:

 We have collected the customer reviews and ratings from various sites, and we almost get a positive response from the buyers of the product.

Customers are saying that their kids are pleased and love the product as the kids can anytime and anywhere use them as a toy to play, pillow for a nap, and sleeping bed to sleep. All the customers are very much appreciating the quality and also recommending to others.

According to some customers, sometimes the delivery takes too long, which can be avoided because the product they get is worth it and lovable. And customers who are not receiving the design, which is up to mark, can return the product and get a refund.

Final Verdict:

Happy Nappers was a popular website, and because of some technical issues, they were on a pause, but now they are back with the great products for your kids and also with great offers.

It is the best website for your kids to make them surprise and happy with this unique three in one quality toy.

After going through with the site and all the customer reviews and ratings, we conclude that it is very much apparent and doing well. So, we will endorse our readers to order from this website without any doubts.

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  1. I order two large happy nappers pillow sleeping bag. I received 1 large and 1 small one. I have been trying to call customer service with no luck. i was o hold for over
    15 minutes then the phone hang up. I have tired serval time and the same thing happens.

  2. I ordered 3 happy Nappers in the end of May
    I was promised that I’ll get them by June 15 but it never happened, i never got an email to at least explain what was happening so I emailed & called, they promised I should get them before or by July 10 but I’m still waiting….my issue is that they don’t keep in touch with clients to at least explain what is going on, everyone knows the whole word is struggling right now, but it would be nice to hear from someone

  3. I ordered them in May were told they would be here by July 10, still waiting, now told by July 30. Poor communication.

  4. I am wondering if this is a scam. I know NO ONE who has received a pillow! I am reporting them to the Attorney General’s office for fraud and scamming. The advertisement is still sunning and I ordered near three months ago.

    No contact, no update, no info. I will call again and see if I get an answer. So far, no luck. They need to pull down the national ad if they CANNOT DELIVER PRODUCT in a timely manner, like 3-4 months is NOT goos service…

    UNHAPPY CUSTOMER. I think we should ALL REPORT THEM! I am calling the trouble shooter for TV tomorrow to try and get us an answer! WE ALL SHOULD make some noice! This is unacceptable customer service! I ordered from CHINA and have received order after 3 1/2 to 4 months. NO Excuse..

    1. I believe this a scam too. My daughter is heartbroken that she saved her money for this and she gets nothing in return.

  5. After several attempts to contact regarding my order I sent an email to the company giving them 24 hours to respond with a refund to my account. I will also be reporting them to the Attorney General.

  6. Going through the same issue with my order placed months ago. I am however receiving emails with updates. The now July 29th delivery has been changed to August 20th. per an email today. I did visit the website again where a couple of the styles are supposedly available to ship immediately. I placed a second order for merely an experiment.

  7. This is a complete scam. You can’t call them. You can’t email them. They took my payment and I received nothing. They need to be taken down.

  8. I ordered one – got charged for two. Cancelled order and disputed. Then ordered another and got charged for two, cancelled, disputed, and then after two months got delivered two. There is no way to call the company and there are no confirmation emails provided for your order. The product is cheap and this seems like a scam from China.

  9. We ordered 3 of these for our children, expecting them to be here by our youngest’s birthday. The company didn’t send even the one they said they had in stock, and backorder the others. Now our date for expected delivery is another month out, and between the website and the pointless customer service number (set to auto-hang-up,) there isn’t even a way to cancel the order. Now our card info is out there for a scam company. I now am going to get a different birthday gift, but my wife is… I will use the clean word “mad”.

  10. Wish I had read these reviews before ordering!!! I ordered 3 on July 3, 2020. Kept getting changes in the delivery date!!! The last date I was given was yesterday (09/05/2920)-Mind you it’s been OVER 2 months!!! Didn’t receive anything-now the tracker is saying delivery date is pending!!! A total disappointment!!! If you’re thinking about ordering-DON’T!!!

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