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Hapyyer Reviews (Aug) Is This Site Legit Or Another Scam

Hapyyer Reviews (Aug) Is This Site Legit Or Another Scam

Hapyyer Reviews (Aug) Is This Site Legit Or Another Scam >> The article below contains the necessary factors for checking the website’s legitimacy and gives a better guide to shop.

Are you interested in online shopping? Does buying your favourite and desired items make you happy? But with that curiosity of buying, you are also afraid of fraud and fake websites which scam people. Then you have come to the right place. 

Today we will talk about a newly formed website through the medium of an article. Here you will get to know all the legitimacy checkpoints of this website.

 Also, the citizens of the United States are very curious to know about Hapyyer. So, we will discuss all the points of Hapyyer Reviews. So, stay tuned with us.

What Is Hapyyer Website?

Hapyyer is an online shopping store that seems to deal with various products like Electronics, Sports, House wares, and Tools. Also, their price seems quite reasonable. Still, it might be a trap to gain customer’s attention.

While talking about we also need to make sure to check the specifications of this website which will even give you a better view of this website and help you decide about its legitimacy. 


  • Domain Registration – The website was registered on 8th July 2021 which creates the suspect that Is Hapyyer Legit or not.
  • Website Link- The website link is
  • Products- Products that are available on this website are Electronics, Sports, Recreations, Tools, and House wares.
  • Email Address – You will find them at
  • Physical Address- Their company address is available, but it seems very dubious.
  • Contact Number – This website hasn’t provided their contact no.
  • Payment Method – The mode of payment is through Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, etc.
  • Return Policy- Their products have to be returned within 14 day
  • Social Media Presence – According to Hapyyer Reviews the site is absent on social media.
  • Exchange Policy- Exchange is not available.
  • Refund Policy-  Their refund timing is not available.
  • Shipping Information – They ship their items within 12 – 20 days.


  • The website holds valid HTTPS protocol, and SSL certificate that’s makes it secures to access.
  • Their email address name matches the domain name.


  • The website is very new.
  • The website has failed to provide its proper contact details.
  • The site holds a below-average trust score.
  • Absence of customer reviews.
  • No active social media account.

Is Hapyyer Legit?

Checking out the authenticity of the site is important before you proceed to buy any product from it. So let us check the legitimacy points to conclude the site as legit or scam.

  • Website  creation date – The website was created one month ago. which means it is a very young website.
  • Trust  Score – The website holds only a 1% trust score that makes it extremely doubtful.
  • Ranking of the site – This website’s rank is not available.
  • Social Media –  They don’t have any active social media account.
  • Hapyyer Reviews – no reviews of this website found anywhere
  • Official Address- When checking, this website’s physical address is available, but the address seems very suspicious if you check it.
  • Plagiarized Content-  Hapyyer has copied content from another website.
  • Owner’s/ Brand Information – The website doesn’t have proper company details or their founder’s identity.

So, the above points make the website look suspicious. But, we still have a long way to go and have to discuss other points as well. So, we will further continue to discuss about the site. So, be patient and continue reading the article.

Hapyyer Reviews

So, after looking at the above points, it can be said that it might be a risk to shop from this site. This website doesn’t have a single customer review neither do they have a media presence. So, we ask you to do thorough research before buying from this new site.

Also check the way to Get a refund if you are scammed by PayPal.


So, all the legitimacy factors indicate this website that deals with sports, household goods to be a scam website. The website doesn’t have its genuine contact details, and it doesn’t have social media account, and the most important factor for judging  Hapyyer Reviews is that it doesn’t have customer reviews. 

So,  we conclude that Happyer is a scam website.

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