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Harrelsonsown.Com Scam {April} Read Scalable Review! Online Website Reviews Scam provides you the transparency and accuracy of harrelsonsown shop for more valuable details.

People are more conscious about their health, and it’s imperative nowadays in unhealthy environments and lifestyles. So who is looking for any healthy product like CBD can shop in the United States based on their need? Harrelsonsown store provided the products with great savings on price rate with a full package offer. One can also get the legitimacy of the Scam by this article.

Below, we discuss the accuracy and honesty of this website:

Is this a CBD store scam? 

Whether CBD is legal or illegal to intake, so we reached on the legacy of this website, either a scam or not? Refer to this section; we disclose all the facts related to this website, whichever can do. Through this, the buyers can not face problems and see what is best for them. Some of the reviews are gathered from the other review sites, which may seem genuinely related to their original website assurance. And check the legitimacy of the website through Reviews are one of the factors. 

Human health is a more sensitive topic, though some marketers can take advantage of that to sell their products, so it’s compulsory to get all background before trusting on any website without compromising your health. 

Here are some details related to the website to assure you of the shop: 

  • Website Creation: Harrelsonsown online store was created on 17/02/2017.
  • Trust Rate: Trust Factor of harrelsonsown shop shows about 68%.
  • Registrar: GKG.Net, Inc., is the registrar of the harrelsonsown shop.
  • Social Accounts: Facebook and instagram profiles are active on social media. 
  • Customer’s Feedback: Some of the reviews are gathered from the customers based on the Scam, which was found on another online review website that is quite trustworthy by the rating. 
  • Data Safety: The website of the store can have an HTTPS secure source as a trust score to transfer details and data, but we cannot rely on one trust factor. 
  • Privacy Policy: The privacy policy is well mentioned for this website which the customer for the privacy and regulations are must be authenticated for the support of customers. 
  • Alexa Rank: The website does not provide any Alexa rank.
  • Missing data: The owner’s name is missing.

Brief of Scam

This online website offers products related to CBD, i.e., Cannabidiol and spray, which help boost the body pain and cancer relief and benefit heart health. 

Here below listed the products sold by this website:

  • CBD products
  • Oil spray

Characteristics of harrelsonsown store

  • Place the order of Spectrum CBD products from
  • Email Id:
  • Customer Service Address: PCH 30765 #107, Malibu, CA 90265
  • Customer service: 7:30 Am – 4:00 Pm PST ( Mon-Fri)
  • Contact Number: (877) 519- 9700
  • International Contact: (805) 244- 5400 
  • With gathered all details of the Scam for reviews which were found on another review website with good ratings but not on the official website. 
  • Return Policy: 60 days Returns with zero cost.
  • Guarantee: Provide a guarantee on products.
  • Refund Policy: On return, 100% guarantee of money back.
  • Shipment Policy: Standard shipping within 3- 5 days for $9.99, Priority shipping (2-3 days) for $15.99; express shipping (1-2 days) for $29.99.
  • Payment methods:Visa Card, American Express, MasterCard, Discover.

Positive Feedback

  • Get free shipping on subscribe.
  • Most of the details like email address contact details are provided.

Negative Feedback

  • Reviews are found on another online review website.
  • Social media pages have irrelevant ratings. Reviews

We have came across a few online website sharing reviews on this store. But, official website has not shared any reviews. The social media accounts are available on Facebook having a poor rating of 2.8/5. The reviews creates a doubt in our minds and we must think twice before shopping from this website. All the details are provided on the website, including email, address, and contact number. 

In addition, for more details, the consumers can open this page on credit card scams.

Conclusive part

 Wrapring up the above writing, we found that Harrelsonsown shop is five years and twi months old. As per Scam, the trustworthiness of this website is acceptable and reliable. Please visit this page for more on CBD:  

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