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Hasible com – Is This A Legit Online Store?

hasible com

Hasible com – Is This A Legit Online Store? >> You can’t rely easily on every upcoming online store. Read reviews first then decide about this store.

There are several online e-commerce companies available over the internet that provide various ranges of products and accessories. But what about if you want to buy a tire for your car? Most of the E-commerce companies claim that they are multi-online stores but have a limited range of products. But from hasible com you can purchase whatever you want, ranging from designer wall clocks, tables, tablet, and mobile holders, luxury chairs wall cabinet, and many more.

Hasible is the famous online store in the United State, they have a big customer database. The company claims to deliver the product faster compared to other e-commerce online store. No matter where you are, you can purchase any product online. The company offers its product worldwide with one to five working days, which is an excellent facility.

You can check for hasible com reviews for the feedback and reviews given by the valuable customers. Hasible also promises to 100% privacy guarantee; you can make your account and save your credit or debit card for future purchase purposes. It is entirely secure and encrypted.

What is hasible com?

It is an online e-commerce store; they sell varieties of products from table to tire and from mantle clock to room divider. You can visit and can place your order. The incredible thing about the site is that you can also purchase tire according to the requirements of the car; they have all size tire for cars, trucks, etc.

You can purchase room divider; also, you can choose your favoritecolor and the size of the room divider. If you are from outside the United States, then no need worry, hasible also deliver products worldwide. They also have plastic and wooden wall cabinets.

You can also return the product if you received the wrong products or damaged or tampered products. The company will inspect and check the product and will process for your refund. The company is running the Merry Christmas sale in which you get many discounts and offers in each product.

The sale is also available on bed cushion mattress and wooden sofa single-seater. Through this site, you can also purchase alloy wheels, rims, and tire cover for four-wheelers and two-wheelers. This online store also has all types of machine tools and equipment at low cost compared to the market and another online store.

For more information or any queries,, you can contact 24×7 available customer care assistance, or you can fill the form of a question, and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

Features and benefit (Pros and Cons)

There are several multipurpose online stores available over the internet, but they are multipurpose stores. Hasible sell everything, you name it they have it, the pros and cons of the online store hasible com are:


  • One of the best features is that they run an affiliated program, in which you can also participate and can sell.
  • If you become the member of the affiliated program, you can share the link to your near and dear ones. And if they purchase anything through that link, then you will receive a 5% commission.
  • You can return the product if you receive the faulty, tampered, or wrong product; you will receive a total refund.
  • The company sell products online and deliver worldwide
  • You can also buy a gift certificate by which you can gift to your near and dear ones. You can also earn a reward point on each purchasing so that you can redeem it for nest purchase.
  • It sells everything, even tires, rims, bearings, and Mc wheel for four-wheelers and two-wheelers.


  • The delivery rate of the product is slow; people complain about late delivery.
  • No return after the product is shipped, which is awful because you have to immediately inform customers care about the cancellation of the product.

Return and Exchange policy

  • Like any other online store hasible also has some policy like:
  • The product will not be accepted if you ordered it after the process.
  • The product tracking number will be provided to you after the completion of the payment.
  • You can only return the product if you received any wrong, damaged, or tampered product.
  • Please do not forget to send the receipt with the product you return.

Shipping policy

  • No return; if the product shipped to the given address, you have to call customer care immediately if you order the wrong product.
  • If you put the incorrect address to the delivery address, then the company has n responsibility.
  • 5% fine will charged on mentioning the wrong delivering address.
  • For those who not receive the product within 15 to 20 days, then you can call our customer care or write a mail to our mail ID.

Customer reviews about hasible

34-year-old Roy says

I ordered four pieces of wheel rim for a 22-inch tire, but out of four, one rim has defected. I don’t know it; maybe it is damaged or because of mishandling, but it is of no use. I contacted them and provided all the information, and now waiting for their next step.

41-year-old Melina says

It is my first-time experience on and was horrible. I already made the payment, but the order is not confirmed. I ordered one wooden wall mount for my bathroom. I call the customer care many times, but no one answered the call. How disgusting. I want my money back.

20-year-old Linda says

I am pleased by because they delivered my product seven days after the order placed. I purchased one floral color room divider, it is so beautiful and looks like a room décor. Thank you for the excellent service.

55-year-old Maser says

I received the product after 25 days of placement of the product. I just ordered one wall clock, and they took 25 days to deliver. Horrible service now I don’t want this clock; they wasted my money, I guess.

Final Verdict

This article is based on comprehensive research and the feedback of the customers those are available on the internet. We neither support nor defaming the site; certainly, decision totally up to you how you take it.

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  1. I’m pretty sure this is a scam, I order tires over a month ago and still nothing. I requested a shipping label so they sent me one. A week later a pair of sun glasses showed up. Spent $215 for a pair of glasses I’m pretty sure. Also I went back on my credit card statement and the transaction were ran through a phony company.. I just want to get my money back at this point..

  2. BUYERS BEWARE..!!! They are a “bait and switch “ online store .. when you purchase an item they will send you a random item that you did not order!!!!.. there SCAM works like this .. you buy a item on there online store.. they don’t send it to you “right away” because they are backed up with “other orders” to get past the 30 days PayPal gives you to file a dispute , so what they do is send “ghost package“ of cheap plastic parts or sunglasses or something they can throw in delivery package instead of the actual item that you purchased they use the tracking number and a scanned item that says “delivered” to your house to get past fraud and that’s all PayPal needs to meet there policy, that a Item has been delivered .. and then your out money and hands clean ( no customer support) from PayPal … and then Subsequently the case is closed , at this point you can no longer Escalate this case in PayPal’s eyes because there do process is that the tracking number shows delivery.. PayPal and the the fraud store has now ran off with your hard earned money..($210) dollars from my troubles.. and PayPal knows about this loop hole and still has not fixed there policy’s to match the online predictors !!!!!!until they do the our offense is our defense.. knowledge of letting consumers know this store is 100 % Fraudulent and SHAME ..!! on PayPal for turning a blind eye to the problem as long as they are turning a buck..!!!! … BUYERS BEWARE

  3. Ordered 2 tires at 114 US dollars. Recieved sunglasses in the mail and excuses after a ton of issues with time and shipping they still havent refunded the money. This is theft clearly. This also happened to my wife . Could only order 2 at a time and the exact same thing happened to her. Waited for months they sent the wrong item and then made excuses and said no refund..

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