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Hawkers Sunglasses – The best sunglass brands aren’t the most expensive or the ones that have spent the most money on advertising. They’re the ones that have connected with an audience based on what they’re looking for. Hawkers is a company that’s no stranger to making the ‘best of’ lists precisely because they understand their demographic. See why the company was singled out and how one of its early investors, Alejandro Betancourt contributed to its retail success. Names Hawkers One of the Best Sunglasses Brands is a popular website in Australia and it recently named Hawkers as one of the best sunglass brands out there. Noting the brand’s affordability, attractive color options, and full UV protection, the editors were clearly impressed at just how much style a customer could get at the price point. 

This recognition highlights many of the key values of Hawkers, a brand that caters largely to a young and chic demographic. Starting in Spain with an investment of around $300, the brand would eventually grow to more than $7 million per month in revenue. 

Why Alejandro Betancourt Was Brought to the Table 

Alejandro Betancourt was brought into Hawkers in the mid-2010s for a number of reasons. However, it wasn’t because the brand wasn’t popular with its demographic. In fact, it was growing too much too quickly, leaving the founders to puzzle about how they could keep up with demand without spending everything that was coming in. 

Alejandro Betancourt was already a force to be reckoned as an investor, which is why the founders of Hawkers would bring him into the operation. Far from merely providing seed money, he would infuse his ideas so the company could successfully scale alongside its growing popularity. 

As he would put it, “Hawkers caters to a younger demographic with the colors and style choices we have chosen for our sunglasses. We have paid close attention to product quality and consumer price along the way, ensuring that customers receive top value from their purchases.”

Pulling the Company Up 

When Alejandro Betancourt first arrived at the scene, he saw that the company had everything it needed to not just survive, but thrive. All it needed to do was take advantage of what was already available. One of the most revolutionary things he was able to do was successfully implement influencer marketing. 

By formalizing relationships with brand ambassadors all over the world, many of them everyday college students who loved the brand already for its unique combination of style and affordability, he was able to succeed on the competitive platforms of social media. 

Today, influencer marketing has seen endless speculation in the media, but Instagram was still new when Betancourt decided to take a chance on it. It would prove to be a smart decision for the company, and it’s still known as one of the early success stories of Instagram. Instead of itsdemographic perceiving the promoters as nothing more than paid endorsers, the ads and sponsorships came across as a genuine appreciation for the products. 

You can see this kind of authenticity in the celebrity collaborations and partnerships the company favors. From Lewis Hamilton to Usher to LA Lakers, the mission is to work with established people and companies that don’t need to sport real diamonds on their face to feel accomplished or worthwhile. This is real style that anyone can afford, which explains why the company has seen sales in more than 140 countries. 

Betancourt has also prioritized everything from customer service to environmental responsibility. The younger demographic wants to look good (there’s no doubt about that), but they also want more than just fashion from the brands they choose. Even those without endless disposable income want companies to support the right causes. By tapping into these needs, Betancourt was able to promote Hawkers on a worldwide stage. 

The Future of Retail Sales 

One of the latest lines from Hawkers, known as H2O, uses plastic from the ocean to make certain components of the products. It’s one that the brand is inordinately proud of, not least of which because the estimates put the number at 150 million metric tons of plastic circulating our waters. 

Alejandro Betancourt believes that remaining a retail success means evolving and pivoting when need be. Instead of abandoning its core ideals though — the ones that made the brand a success in the first place — the company will continue to strengthen its operations and improve its marketing communication to serve a loyal fan base it’s grown from scratch. 

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