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Hdfreeunlimited Com Reviews [Feb 2022] Scam or Legit?

Hdfreeunlimited Com Reviews [Feb 2022] Scam or Legit? >> In this article, you get to know about an HDTV antenna for providing 4K HD resolution.

Hdfreeunlimited.com Reviews: Are you looking for HDTV antenna for both indoor and outdoor? Online shopping is a convenient way of getting products quickly at your doorstep. The online platforms if the chosen right can be comfortable while shopping. The best and most widespread mean of entertainment is television. The television is an excellent medium of watching different movies and TV shows in your home.

The TV is usually in the standard quality, but if it can upgrade into HD quality, then the experience of watching entertainment can be awe-inspiring. The antenna for HD quality can be very expensive and not useful. But there is one HDTV antenna which is supposed to provide you with the best HD experience with bonuses in a budget-friendly price named as HD Free Unlimited. Let’s know more about this product.

What is Hdfreeunlimited.com?

It is an antenna used for getting HD quality on the television which improves the view of the screen. This product can be used in outdoor and indoor both, and it is also a 4K unlimited antenna. The company is from Las Vegas in the United States. The product comes with exclusive bonuses like free movies & networks to watch anywhere and anytime.

The product has a UV coating for the weather-resistant finish. It has a straightforward installation process and can take place in the wall, roof or balcony. It also has 4K resolution on any TV. It has 4G LTE filter to block unwanted 3G AND 4G signals. It can feed up to 3 TVs, and it is assemble done entirely in the box, and it will take only a simple connection.

The product offers no contracts and no monthly fees as it is a one-time investment which will provide you with unlimited TV forever. The product has an easy installation process, but the website offers free installation under a specific scheme. It picks up stations in a 200-mile diameter for radio too.

Specifications of Hdfreeunlimited.com:

  • The product is an antenna for HDTV experience.
  • The brand name is HD Free TV.
  • The brand offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Modes of payment: VISA, MasterCard, and Discover.
  • It doesn’t hold any monthly contract as it is a one-time investment.
  • It can connect to up to 3 TVs.
  • The customer service line is 888-596-2546.
  • The customer service email is customerservice@InvenTel.tv.
  • The customer service is available 24/7.
  • Shipping: 30 days.
  • The company’s address is 2880 North Lamb Blvd,
  • Las Vegas, NV 89115.

Is Hdfreeunlimited.com worth your money?

Hdfreeunlimited.com Reviews say if you are looking for a cost-effective option to upgrade your television viewing quality with bonuses, then this product might be the best option for you. The offers are limited to the purchases on the website. 

The product is legitimate, and there is no need of fearing of any fraud from it. The product is a one-time investment and comes with unlimited offers like added television channels and exclusive movies without any extra payment. Hence, this product is worth your money.

Positive remarks of Hdfreeunlimited.com:

  • The product is a one-time investment.
  • The product is straightforward to install.
  • The product can hold up to 3 TVs.
  • The product can be used for radio too. 
  • The brand offers 24/7 customer service.
  • The product is with a lot of bonuses, and it is still cost-effective.
  • The product is legitimate.
  • The brand offers 60 days money-back guarantee.

Negative remarks of Hdfreeunlimited.com:

  • The delivery is late comparatively.
  • There are not offline modes of transactions.
  • The company’s description is not well defined.

What are people’s thoughts on the Hdfreeunlimited.com?

The product has gained customers from all across the world. The customers are not happy with delivery time, but they said it was worth the wait. The transaction options were not entirely useful for some people. Most of the customers are happy about the product’s easy installation.

The customers have liked this one-time investment product. The customers love the product’s bonuses. Overall the product has gained more positive reviews than the negative ones as mostly the customers seem happy with the services.


Based on the Hdfreeunlimited.com Reviews, the product is free from any frauds. The product is an extremely cost-effective method for getting HD quality on the television. The installation is also straightforward, and customer service seems to get an appraisal from the customers. Hence, we suggest you go and pay a visit to this website and purchase this item for a better viewing experience.

31 thoughts on “Hdfreeunlimited Com Reviews [Feb 2022] Scam or Legit?

  1. This was a fluff article;it did evaluate the reception.Is it truly 200 miles diameter reception or does everything have to be perfect ie no trees ,tall buildings or mountains interfering.I have the hdfreeetv antenna and it was supposed to be for 30 miles of reception.It actually draws in 32 channels on the scan but only about 15 are clear.They are only 15-18 miles away.Sometimes there is a problem with reception of these channels.

  2. I have never understood the claims made for these types of products. I don’t have cable or satellite service, yet I receive well over 50 locally broadcast channels w/a digital converter box.

    Isn’t it true that this antenna can only receive locally broadcast channels as well and not cable or satellite channels for free? Therefore, how is there any cost savings to a consumer? Also, today’s TVs are 4k HD-ready & automatically receive this type of broadcast.

    If you cut off your cable/satellite service, this antenna will not allow you to receive those channels for free. You will only be able to get them if you pay for that service provider.

    Again, where is the cost savings? Please explain this to me.

    1. How do you find out exactly what channels are available to you do n your area. I typically watch 7 channels 99% of the time so if these aren’t available, there is no reason for me to order

    2. I dont understand you state you dont have satellite or cable service but get 50 channels with a digital box. Is that the same as this antenna? Ypu get free over the air channels? What is the digital box?

    3. Hdfree is not advetising proper info and data, If in a metro area you can receive local channels but absolutely nothing else. If in a rural area do not waste your time effort or money. IT CANNOT RECEIVE MOVIE CHANNELS.

  3. ANOTHER bs review—is the company paying you ? where is the proof–? so great? only 2 reviews…ONE NEGATIVE and one so so…SCAM

  4. Ha wow so many people are for one absolutely way to lazy to take the time to look up reviews for them selves so they blast site’s that don’t powder there bottoms the way they expected and there just so mortified and let down and then you have other one’s that are to stupid to make sense out of the reviews or can’t read or understand the information that’s provided so they blast away why because there bottoms didn’t get what well yes you guessed it lol and then you have people like me that are baffled at the stupidity of it all and have a wicked sense of humor and poke fun at them and blast away at them why you guessed it lol because I can so you people using powder these day’s just remember these day’s TALC KILL’S

  5. Hello, this weekend is fastidious designed for me, as this moment i am reading this fantastic educational post here at my house.

  6. What’s up every one, here every person is sharing these know-how, thus it’s nice to read this blog, and I used to pay a quick visit this webpage all the time.

  7. hello everyone, I bought the h d free tv and having problems with it just by hooking it up. the four way booster box is not powering up when I connect the power cord in, the red light flash on then off, I called customer service all I get is a recording no live person, and I called several #s, I’m displeased with this product.

  8. Tommy, sorry for your experience with this product, I hope you get in touch with someone at Customer service. Thank you for writing your review, it seems to be the only honest review on here.

    1. Did you return it and get your money back like they promised? I have mine and I am returning it today because I have HD TV’s and this is unnecessary money spent when you have HD tv’s.

  9. Thanks for the reviews, I was almost ready to purchase the antenna after watching the infomercial. But I decided to go online to read the reviews and they were useful in making my decision to not purchase the product.

  10. I have had too many problems just trying to purchase the HDTV Antenna. After making an order, the order somehow was duplicated. The duplicated order generated by HDTV, which included products I did not order increasing the total I had to immediately cancel that bogus order. Although these two orders had different order numbers HDTV canceled both. After numerous calls and emails to HDTV to straighten out the mishap and purchase the Antenna I finally made the order over the phone checking everyday for three days to insure there were no other mishaps. Not seeing the charge on my account I called customer service only to talk with people with very thick accents that could not find any of my order information including order number, asking me too many personal information questions, which I became very uncomfortable answering. After escalating my concerns the take away is a phone reply within the next 24-48 hours. I do not believe I will hear from HDTV Antenna again. I will check my account regularly to insure funds are not taking out of my account in the assumed price of the Antenna. As I write this review, I discovered that Inventel Products, LLC has taking the funds from my account after expressing they do not have an order made in my name. There is something grossly wrong within the confines of this company. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT. The saga continues…

  11. Thanks Barb
    Same here, I was watching the infomercial and getting ready to purchase (especially after they knocked off a 33 dollar payment) and decided to look up reviews and after reading reviews I will stick to paying my cable bill at this point. Thank you everyone for the reviews.

  12. They have my antenna at a Fed Ex store, i cant get my antenna they have my wrong address The fed ex store will not answer. They say, they cant change the address, only the the company can.

    This is ridiculous They got me for $ 155.47.oo

  13. Wow I’m reading all this and just praying they return my funds to my card. I knew something was not right but I thought I would not have to have the internet or a cable bill. Well I am prepared to go to court. They are a LLC Prayerfully they just return my funds and get it over with.

  14. I purchased this product and found the product unsatisfactory. I was only able to receive 9 channels even though I am in the NY/NJ/Philadelphia marketplace. A comparable Antenna that I purchased from Home Depot was able to get 80 channels but since I have multiple TVS, I thought this product was a good alternative.

    I am now having an issue returning the product back to the distributor. I have been waiting for 2 weeks for a shipping label and have made numerous calls to customer service for assistance but they are unable to resolve the problem. The customer service at this company is horrendous and needs some major improvements.

  15. Well I want my $20 a month land line back .. u could get a $10 phone and carry on a conversation for hours.. and u could understand each other clearly .. not anymore. I have to pay $80 bucks a month and $800 for a phone that gets out dated every 6 months . Then they censor the information that is important to no.. we would not have This president that cares more about China than the U.S. had the news people not hid the truth about Hunter Biden.. Bottom line we are getting screwed by everyone. And had I not had the internet or television I wouldn’t have to wear a mask everywhere ..

  16. I’m assuming, like other folks, it can received 200 miles of coverage.
    But no antenna can receive INTERNET!, not to my knowledge. If we
    could beat that system, I’m in. That would be a “true cutting of the
    cord” and the phone scams.

  17. Thanks I was thinking of getting this for my mother but after reading the responses I’m gonna pass

  18. It seems that from the description of this antenna it doesn’t do anything much different than any other antenna. Signals are still affected by weather, tall buildings, cellphone towers, high power electrical devices. Installation can be tricky and expensive, especially if you are connecting more than 1 tv. What is not mentioned is if you want to connect a 2nd or a 3rd tv you will have to drill holes in your walls, floors, or ceilings to run cables to those tv’s, something you may need to hire an expert to do. I’m old school, and since the switch from analog to digital, I have been seriously disappointed in the reception & quality of digital. Never had as many problems with analog that I and others have had with digital. Nowadays, I don’t watch much broadcast tv, I just use my tv to play dvd movies. So, I will not be purchasing this antenna anytime soon, probably never.

    1. Hello Tom Taylor, This is great that you have cleany and clearly specified the difference of Analog and Digital concept. It is very intelligent opinion I must say. As a Science stream student I could relate myself to you. Appreciate it. Stay safe.

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